Thursday 16 July 2020

Secessionist Ware

An Eichwald table centrepiece for Auction 22nd July.

A brief history of the Factory:
  • Founded in 1864 by Anton Tschinkel in Eichwald, Bohemia, Austria making majolica.  
  • From 1874 porcelain production commenced.  
  • In 1885 C. Teichart (a Meissen, German company) bought the factory and used patterns and moulds from the Meissen plant.
  • It was the first factory to produce the "onion" pattern in Bohemia. 
  • From 1895 it became B. Bloch & Co. when Bernard Bloch purchased the factory. 
  • 1920 the company changed its name to Eichwald Porcelain and Stove Factory Bloch & Co . 
  • 1939 the Nazis confiscated the factory and sold it to Dr H. Widera & Co. of Thuringia, Germany. 
  • It was Eichwald Porcelain and Stove Factory Widera & Co until 1945.

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