Thursday 11 June 2015

Boldon over run with rodents!

The signature carved mouse of Robert Thompson is seen on 23 items to be sold at Boldon Auction Galleries on 24th June in our Fine Art and Antiques Sale.

Known as ‘Mouseman’ or ‘Mousey’ Thompson, this craftsman left a carved design of the creature on each item that came out of his workshop in Kilburn, North Yorkshire.  They enlivened his simple and utilitarian but classic oak designs, which come up regularly at auction and usually prove very popular.

Robert Thompson (1876-1955) was best known for making hand-crafted furniture but he also made candlesticks, candle boxes, ashtrays, cheeseboards and lamp bases. The business still thrives to this day.

So why carve a mouse? Robert Thompson once explained: “The origin of the mouse as my mark was almost in the way of being an accident. I and another carver were carving a huge cornice for a screen and he happened to say something about being as poor as a church mouse. I said I will carve a mouse here and did so, and then it struck me, what a lovely trademark.”

From small items such as barometers, wall clocks, stools, cheeseboards and ashtray to larger pieces such as a rocking chair, mirror, Bachelor’s chest, coffee table, smoker’s chair, hanging cabinet and oak refectory table and chairs there is something to suit every budget.

Thursday 4 June 2015

We are putting the finishing touches to our next
Fine Art and Antique Sale to be held on
Wednesday 24th June from 10am.