Thursday 28 April 2022

Just Arrived . . . . .R. A. Lister & Co. Ltd, Dursley, England stationary engines

Look what has just arrived in the saleroom.  

Part Four of the late Les Burford, Oxfordshire Stationary Engine Collection.  To include R. A. Lister & Co. Ltd, Dursley, England stationary engines, Chester Milling Machine, Myford Lathes and more . . . . . . . for Auction Wednesday 11th May.  Catalogue on-line from Friday 6th May.

R. A. Lister and Company was founded in Dursley, Gloucestershire, England, in 1867 by Sir Robert Ashton Lister (1845–1929), to produce agricultural machinery.  He first exhibited at the Paris Exhibition of 1867.  Petrol driven engines saw an appearance from 1907 with diesel engines coming into their own from 1929.  By 1936 R. A. Lister produced 600 engines across a range of 80 different sizes and types of diesel and petrol models, most of which were small (around 1.5 to 3 h. p).  These could be bought as stand alone or to power a complementary range of pumps, churns, cream separators, auto trucks, generating plant and sheep shearing equipment. 

The company headquarters were in an early 16th-century Priory building in Dursley. In the nearby valley was located a foundry, together with a number of other workshops necessary for the production of engines and the various other products offered, including a machining shop, capstan lathe shop, engine assembly lines, and a coopers' shop. Many goods were shipped out from the nearby railway station, which was located on land leased from Lister.

R. A. Lister and Company ceased production in 2014, however many of these engines are still in use today across the globe.

Autographs Autographs Autographs

Further lots of Autographs sold well in the 27th April Auction.  Keep your eyes peeled for more in the 11th May Auction.

Oak sells well at Boldon Auction Galleries

Lot 364. An oak gateleg table, with eight dining chairs sold £160, 27th April 2022

Bizzarri armchairs

Lot 359, A pair of cream leather E. Poltrone 'Bizzarri' armchairs.  Sold £220 in the Auction on 27th April 2022

Wednesday 27 April 2022

Superb Scrimshaw

Lot 256.
Scrimshaw; Portraits of a bird, carved onto a piece of fossil walrus ivory, by Frank Barcelos.  
Sold for £260.  27th April Auction.

Sew Pretty

Lot 231.   

A miniature sewing necessaire in a mother of pearl case, with gilt metal mounts, 

Sold £160, 27th April 2022

Barbie Dolls at Boldon

Lot 178.

Quantity of Barbie Dolls etc. sold £360.  27th April 2022

Miller and Co. Portsmouth Steam Engine


Lot 63 sold £1,800.  27th April 2022

Leather Bound Books

Lot 37.
Collection of leather bound books
Sold £550 27th April 2022 

Slides of Distinction

Lot 97.

Sold £800 

27th April 2022

Friday 22 April 2022

Magic Lantern Slides have comic touch

Lot 97.
For Auction 27th April

These terrific Magic Lantern slides date from the late 19th century and are hand coloured.

Nine long rectangular slides; wild animals, Noah's Ark, Gladiators, Crucifixion etc.

Four circular slides; 'Puss in Boots', 'Geology', 'Human Race' and 'Robinson Crusoe'

Box of twelve German slides to include Airships, Bi-Planes, Hot Air Balloons etc.

A boxed set of nine slides of the 'Solar System'

Seven circular slides 'Cinderella'

An unboxed set of eighteen slides of the 'Solar System'

Approximately 40 slides showing comical scenes

Approximately forty various slides 'Geographical', 'Vernacular', 'History' and 'Religion'

Magic Lanterns (Lanterna magica) were early image projectors from the 17th century onwards using pictures on transparent plates (usually glass) and a light source. From the 19th century these Magic Lanterns were mass produced as toys.  The Magic Lantern was superseded by the slide projector.  Originally the pictures were hand painted on glass slides with black paint used as a background to block superfluous light.  Many slides were finished with a layer of transparent lacquer and mounted in wood frames.  After 1820 hand coloured printed slides were produced moving on to photographic slides in 1850.