Tuesday 22 September 2020

Antique, Interiors and General Sale Wednesday 30th September 2020


A Technofix (270) toy plane
Lot 175 Estimate £30 - £50
Founded by Johann and Georg Einfalt in Nuremburg, Germany in 1922, the company Gebrüder Einfalt, manufactured tin wind-up toys and other toys such as airplanes and animal figures. The company took the name Technofix in 1935. The toys had mechanisms in them made from high quality durable material and are said to have never needed repair. Some of the older toys such as the kangaroo boxer are much sought after by collectors. 

An Edwardian miniature silver dressing table mirror, by William Comyns and Son 1902

Lot 176 

Sold £380

Originally William Cormyns (1859), William Cormyns & Sons, was founded in 1885 when William Cormyns sons Charles and Richard Cormyns enter as partners. The company’s silverwares, including decorative items were said to have made a significant impact to the silver market in the 1880’s. 

A Royal Doulton Figure 'PIERRETTE', HN 644

Lot 249 Sold £180

Originating in the late 17th century Pierrette and Pierrot are characters from pantomimes, movies and other poetry, visual art and fictional tales. The Pierrot is identified by his whitened, often forlorn face and oversized white shirt with pom pom buttons and a fitted black hat or skull cap. Whereas, Pierrot’s counterpart, Pierrette is depicted as playful, with a pointed pom pom hat and giggling face, albeit naive face. Pierrette’s gown often matches that of Pierrot in that it is white with black marking or pom poms. 

Print of The Chinese Girl by Vladimir Grigoryevich Tretchikoff.

Lot 271 Sold £120

The youngest of eight siblings living in Petropavlovsk, Vladimir Grigoryevich Tretchikoff, was a self-taught artist who painted still life, portraits, animals, and realistic figures. Tretchikoff is well renowned for his painting, The Chinese Girl, also known as The Green Lady. The painting is one of the best-selling prints of the twentieth century. 

A pair of James Kent Ltd 'Cydonia' Art Deco vases.

Lot 219 Sold £45

Founded by James Aloysius Kent in 1897 and becoming James Kent Limited in 1919, the family company specialised in china and are renowned for their delicately detailed vases and dinner sets. The Cydonia pattern seen here is delicately decorated in an Art Deco fashion with stylised landscapes. 

A pair of Doulton and Slater vases
Lot 263 Sold £95
Dating back to 1815, Royal Doulton takes its name from founder John Doulton. Formed in London, Royal Doulton was a late bloomer in the potteries which boasted companies, such as Minton and Wedgwood. Over the years the Royal Doulton company have collaborated and created mergers with many other pottery companies such as Lambeth Pottery. It was however, Doulton’s art director John Slater that appreciated the growing enthusiasm for brightly coloured enamelled porcelain. The Royal Doulton company currently produce porcelain, collectables, glassware and cookware among many other decorative and homeware items. 

An Ox blood button back leather three piece suite and footstool.

Lot 363 Sold £380

A global favourite the button back sofa is a luxury piece of furniture made from high quality leather and sporting a well-recognised deep button, high arms and low back as seen in the well-known Chesterfield. The Chesterfield is said to have been given its name by Lord Philip Stanhope (fourth earl of Chesterfield), from whom the style was first commissioned. 

A selection of Caithness and Heron studio glass, part of a mixed lot. 

Lot 41 Sold £65

Formed by Robin Sinclair in Caithness, Scotland 1961, Caithness Glass was a Scottish manufacturing company that produced beautiful, colourful glass paperweights. Similar to the beautiful colours of Caithness glass, Heron Glass, founded early 1990’s produced ornamental glassware and paperweights in the shape of fruit, veg and animal that often boasted a striking iridescent finish, as can be seen in the mushrooms pictured.

A gold ladies wristwatch.

Lot 188 

Sold £95

Timeless elegance, or an elegant way to tell the time. The watch has been a common accessory worn or carried as a portable time telling device since the 17th century. The simplicity of this watches clock face housed in gold creates a striking touch of elegance to adorn any outfit. 

An Imperial 58 model typewriter.

Lot 210 Sold £40

This Imperial 58 model typewriter that bares the shield of the late king George was produced in Leicester by the Imperial Typewriter Company. The Imperial was established in 1911 by the Spanish engineer Hidalgo Moya. This typewriter is a refreshing blast from the past that still types just as well today as it did in the late 1940’s.

Two decorative glass vases - part of a mixed lot.

Lot 129 

Sold £25

Used as a decorative feature, often used to hold flowers the vase comes in many materials, shapes and sizes. Some vases are tall and fluted with narrow stems, whereas others may have no stem and instead boast a large main body. Many different shapes have emerged over different time periods, from vases with handles to vases that are painted with pictures. As can be seen here coloured glass makes for a striking timeless decorative addition to home and workspaces. 

Lilliput Lane 'Woodman's Retreat', part of a mixed lot.

Lot 16 Sold £85

Founded in 1982 by David Tate, the Lilliput Lane company was renowned for its substantial collection of exquisite handmade model cottages. In 2009 the company moved from its base in Workington, Cumbria to Langholm, where it seen the production of The Tower Bridge and Tower of London. The Langholm factory ceased the manufacturing of Lilliput Lane in 2016. 

A  oak hall stand.

Lot 359 Sold £35

A trendy must have of the 19th century and seen aplenty in Victorian and Edwardian time periods the hall stand is a free-standing piece of furniture gracing any hallway with a sense of grandeur. Made from a variation of different woods, such as mahogany, walnut and oak, most hall stands boast a central mirror positioned above a glove box; more recently used to house mail and keys. Sitting upon straight legs, this particular hall stand has a sleek straight finish unlike more traditional stands carved and turned supports. Complete with coat hooks and umbrella space, this hall stand has additional drip trays along the outer edges of the base to catch rainwater from umbrellas. 

A tin travelling trunk.

Lot 312 

Sold £25

This Warranted Best Steel Japanned travelling trunk from the 1930’s is large, has lots of storage space & looks much slicker than any suitcase ever could. The Japanned metal is both aesthetically pleasing and practical as not only does it look stylish it also ensures the trunk is waterproof so it will protect any items that it is containing.

One of a pair of mid 1960’s style vinyl covered barbers chairs.

Lot 367 

Sold £90

Barbers chairs have been a staple of barbers shops for close to a century and a half, these red vinyl covered barbers chairs originate from around the mid 1960’s and are in very good condition, they are ideal for being used in a barbers shop or alternatively used as decorative seating. 

A 9ct gold, platinum diamond and pearl pendant.

Lot 189 Sold £650

Often considered to symbolise the moon, pearls have been given as gifts from as far back as the 13th century. Favoured by celebrities, such as Grace Kelly and Marylin Monroe, the pearl was also considered a protective jewel by ancient civilisation; thought to be a protector from dragons and fire. A distinctive difference to pearls from other gemstones is where they can be found, pearls are found deep in the ocean as opposed to earth rock and they can be used in the condition they are found. Used often in jewellery the pearl can be used as a solo gemstone or can be teamed with other precious gemstones as seen here. This beautiful pendant, providing the wearer with an age of decadence is adorned with delicate pearls and diamonds. Diamonds, as sung by Marylin Monroe have been said to be a girl’s best friend, they are also one of the gemstones most richly associated with betrothal and are said to be an indicator of commitment and monogamy in romantic relationships. This can also be said for the delicate bow design of this magnificent pendent. Traditionally bow designs have been used in jewellery since the 17th century to symbolise love and marriage. As seen here the delicate leaves are carved out around the bow potentially showing growth. 

A Triang Minic Clockwork car with internal working musical mechanism.  With original cardboard box and winding key. 

Lot 178 Sold £40

Set up by the Lines Brothers, better known as Tri-Ang in 1935, the Minic brand was originally used on tinplate toy miniature vehicles. The Minic range then developed into plastic bodied clockwork cars in bright reds, blues and yellows. The pictured Saloon car was modelled to play real music and plays as it moves. Tri-Ang went on to develop a wide range of vehicles and toys, including Minic Motorways and Minic Narrowgauge railway. 

Tuesday 8 September 2020

Untitled Keith Haring


American Artist and Activist Keith Haring (1958-1990) was known for colourful and iconic pieces of pop art and graffiti.  Much of his work alludes to political and societal themes particularly the AIDS epidemic and drug abuse.  Keith Haring died of AIDS related complications after setting up the Keith Haring Foundation to give support and funding to AIDS research and education.

For Auction on the 16th September.

Diamonds and Pearls

Lot 220

A '15ct' brooch mounted with central diamond and seed pearls, 5g, 28mm

Sold £245

2nd September 2020

A Commemoration piece

 Lot 314

A Coalport vase and cover, decorated by P. Graves, to commemorate the Queen's Silver Jubilee, boxed

Sold £75

2nd September 2020

Cocktail Time Baby

Lot 322

Six Babycham glasses

Sold £30

2nd September 2020

Landscape of the North

 Lot 361

Walter Holmes, pastel, landscape, River with Alnwick Castle in background, 77cm x 59cm

Sold £80

2nd September 2020

On the right track


Lot 347

A boxed LGB locomotive, number 21741

Sold £140

2nd September 2020

(One of many toys sold in this Auction - for further details see our Past Auctions on the Online Auction tab on the website.)

Green with Envy

Lot 219

A yellow metal pendant, mounted with diamonds, emeralds and seed pearls, 3.8g, 35mm x 28mm approx.

Sold £420

2nd September 2020

You can't make a silk purse from a Sow's ear

 Lot 241

Silver purse with fitted pigskin interior, Walker and Hall, Sheffield, 1903, 3.2oz

Sold £75

2nd September 2020

Snoopy style

Lot 362

Charles M. Schulz, felt tip, 'Snoopy and Sally Brown', 40cm x 32cm, with certificate of authenticity

Sold £320

2nd September 2020

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