Thursday 28 March 2024

Local South Shields Medallions for auction


Lot 297.

Two silver gilt South Shields Mayoral Medallions, 2.3oz

Estimate £50-£80

For auction 3rd April

Time Please

Lot 277.

An 18ct gold pocket watch

Estimate £300-£500

For Auction 3rd April

Spring time diamonds at Boldon Auctions

Lot 306.

A white metal (platinum?) diamond set brooch,

central diamond approx. 0.75ct, 49 x 20mm, 7.9g

Estimate £1,000-£1,500

For Auction 3rd April

Platinum three stone diamond ring at auction

Lot 307.

A platinum three stone diamond ring, central stone approx. 1.5ct,

two on shoulder approx. 0.5ct each, size 'N', 4g

Estimate £3,000-£4,000

For auction 3rd April

Part One of a Collection of Purse Watches to come under the hammer on the 3rd of April

Lot 294.
A gold Movado purse watch, hallmark on stand rubbed
Estimate £400-£600 

Lot 321.
A silver enamelled Cartier purse watch
Estimate £200-£400

Delve into Victorian England

Lot 270.  Collection of approximately 45 old Queen Victoria envelopes, with stamps.  Estimate £20-£40.  For auction 3rd April

One of a collection of coins and coin sets for auction

Lot 265.

A UK Royal Mint 2008 £5 gold uncirculated coin

Estimate £1,800-£2,200

For auction 3rd April

French Master Craftsman at auction

Lot 49.

A modern boxed Lalique of France 'Fantasia' vase, H 17.5cm

Estimate £150-£250

For auction 3rd April

Arts and Crafts embossing

Lot 74.

A large copper Arts and Crafts rectangular embossed tray, W 49cm

Estimate £40-£60

For auction 3rd April

Who else lives on Planet Robot?

Lot 16.

A boxed mechanical Planet Robot

Estimate £15-£30 

For auction 3rd April

Lot 1.


Vauxhall Corsa, silver, registered 29 March 2011, petrol, one key, no MOT, estimate £300-£500, for auction 3rd April

Bears Bears Bears for Auction at Boldon Auction Galleries on the 3rd of April - including a collection of Steiff Bears


Tuesday 19 March 2024

Mystery Gentleman

 Lot 283. 

Victorian School, oil, unsigned, half length portrait of a Gentleman seated

beside a table, 76 x 57cm 

Estimate £30-£50 for auction 20th March 2024

Spring at Boldon

Lot 220. 

A five piece enamelled silver vanity set, Albert Carter ?, Birmingham, 1924 

Estimate £150-£250 (for auction 20th March 2024)

Time to wind things up

 Lot 233.

A Kingsbury Toys clockwork tin plate car, stamped 'Made in USA'

Estimate £60-£100 (for auction 20th March 2024)

Sheffield Silver up North

 Lot 224. 

A silver salver, James Deakin and Sons, Sheffield, 1930, 26.5oz, engraved 'MV Lise, launched by Mrs Chas. Oliver, 18th December 1930'

Estimate £300-£400 (for auction 20 March 2024)

The Mighty Kong comes to Boldon

Lot 238. 

A clockwork Louis Marx 'The Mighty Kong' King Kong figure 

Estimate £100-£150 (for auction 20th March)

Boldon Auction Galleries is all a strum

Lot 52. 

An Epiphone Les Paul Custom Zakk Wylde electric guitar

Estimate £100-£150

One of a private collection of Guitars for Auction on 20th March 

Who else is nuts for Ginger Nuts ?

Lot 47. 

Advertising, a 'Wright's Biscuits' of South Shields 'I'm Nuts on Ginger Nuts' tray. Estimate £20-£40

For auction 20th March

Copeland Art Union bust for auction 20th March

Lot 6.

A Copeland Art Union of London Parian bust of Princess Alexandra, after a model by Mary Thornycroft, H 37cm

Estimate £80-£120

Friday 8 March 2024

Sheffield Viners Tea Set


Lot 266 sold 6th March 2024 £240

A 9ct gold Albert chain and fob, 39cms, 36g


Lot 292 sold £600 6th March 2024

Silver ware at Boldon Auctions


Lot 300 sold £110 (6 March 2024)

Stamps your lot

Lot 125 Thirteen albums of stamps sold for £320 (6 March 2024)


Super swivel


Lot 355 sold £120 6 March 2024

Songs by George Harrison, illustrated by Keith West, box set

Lot 281 sold £560 6th March 2024


Donald Grant (1930-2001), oil, signed, 'Lion and Lioness Hunting Zebra', bears MacConnal-Mason and Sons Limited label to reverse, 49cm x 75cm


Lot 307 sold £1,500 6th March 2024

Quantity of Robert Harrop Thunderbirds figures


Lot 165 sold £520 6th March Auction

On the right track

Lot 63 sold £140 6th March Auction


A mahogany cased wall clock with fusee movement by W. Potts and Sons, North Eastern Railway, Leeds

Lot 59 sold £240, 6 March 2024


Betty Boop did the Doop at Boldon Auction Galleries


Lot 50 sold £130, 6 March 2024 (One of a collection of Betty Boop figurines sold)

Strike a Pose

Lot 26.  Eight Coalport figurines sold £220 6th March 2024


Eight boxed DVD gift set including a Terminator Salvation head

Lot 62 Sold £220 6th March 2024

A large collection of DVDs and CDs sold extremely well at auction


Collection of LPs are music to the ears


Lot 145 Sold £130 6th March 2024

One of several lots at auction