Friday 13 December 2013

Closing Dates over the Christmas Holiday

Please note that we will be closed from Monday 24th December and re-open on Thursday 2nd January.

Viewing for the General Sale will be held as normal on Saturday 4th January 10am-1pm, Tuesday 7th January 2pm-6pm and on saleday from 9am.

The sale will start on Wednesday 8th January at 10am.

Friday 6 December 2013

It's that time of year again!

Our last Victorian and General Household Auction of 2013 is on Wednesday 11th December from 10am

Come along and find a unique and unusual Christmas present!

Viewing: Saturday 7th December 10am-1pm, Tuesday 10th December 2pm-6pm and Saleday from 9am

To include 2 pairs of extremely large Stained Glass windows, China, Glassware, Jewellery, Collector’s Items, Clocks, Paintings, Furniture, oak hall stand and dining room suites and Household wares

Catalogue on-line

Entries are also now being invited for our next Fine Art and Antique Auction on 5th March

Friday 22 November 2013

Fine Art and Antique Auction 27th November

Our Fine Art and Antique Auction Catalogue is on-line and we are open for viewing on Saturday 23rd November 10am - 1pm, Tuesday 26th November 2pm - 6pm and on the morning of the Auction the doors open from 9am.

Monday 18 November 2013

Charity Valuation Day a Success

Giles Hodges from Boldon Auction Galleries went along to a local charity in Sunderland last week to lend support for people with Niemann-Pick Disease. 

Niemann-Pick is a disease which finds sufferers having a build up of toxic materials in the body's cells caused by an enzyme deficiency.

There are three types of this disease:-
In Niemann-Pick Type A this accumulation occurs very quickly, an affected child will usually die before reaching three years of age.

Niemann-Pick Type B does not affect the brain and, although growth may be slow, those affected will survive into adolescence or early adulthood, with many being able to lead a full and normal life.
In Niemann-Pick Type C, the brain and other organs are affected, leading to progressive intellectual decline, loss of motor skills, seizures and dementia. Speech can become slurred and swallowing problems may develop. The rate at which the disease progresses varies greatly between patients; children who develop neurological symptoms in early childhood are thought to have a more aggressive form of the disease, others may remain symptom free for many years.

The Valuation Morning raised £70 for this very worthwhile cause.

Friday 8 November 2013

A Bundle of Hummel !!

We have just finished cataloguing a large Private Collection of Hummel figures to be sold in our next Fine Art and Antique Auction on Wednesday 27th November.

The history of Hummel is a fascinating one taking us back to the 1930's and a German Nun called Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel who began drawing pastoral images of children. These drawings were in turn made into 'art cards' which became popular throughout Germany catching the eye of Franz Goebel who was at that time head of W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik. The Goebel factory acquired the rights to turn Sister Maria Innocentia's drawings into figurines and the first Hummel figures were produced in 1935. American soldiers stationed in West Germany at the end of World War II contributed to the increase in popularity of these figures in the United States by sending these nostalgic pieces home as presents.

Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel died in 1946 at the age of 37. Goebel together with his team of artists and a board of Sisters from the Convent where Sister Maria Innocentia had lived carried on her legacy until 2008 when the production of Hummel figures was discontinued.

Monday 28 October 2013

Deadline Looming!

Don't miss the deadline for entries to our next Fine Art and Antique Auction to be held on Wednesday 27th November.

Please contact us to arrange for items to be entered before Friday 8th November.

Call us 0191 537 2630, email or call into the Saleroom.

We look forward to meeting you and hopefully selling your items.

Wednesday 9 October 2013

18th September 2013 Fine Art & Antique Auction Highlights

Toys took a leading role at our most recent Fine Art and Antique auction with a combined sale total of just under £4000. The star lot was the Japanese Batman Robot which sold for a massive £1600. And other big money items included a Barbie “Twist and Turn” Francie doll and outfit which sold for £680 and a vintage Elastolin Noah’s Ark and animals which sold for £320. Corgi vehicles also sold well.

Modern Chinese ceramics also sold for more than was expected with lot 49, a modern Oriental egg shell table lamp and shade decorated with butterflies and a tall slender egg shell vase decorated with landscapes, selling for £950. And Lot 127, a small Chinese bronze censor sold to the internet for £1900.

Fans of Mabel Lucie Attwell ceramics had three lots to choose from in this auction, “The Bride”, “Is Shy” and “The Gardener’s Boy” which sold for between £320-550 each.

Watches again sold for well above the top end, reinforcing the argument that they are still a good investment. Lot 275, a Gentleman's Rolex Oyster Perpetual 'Yacht Master', sold for £3000 and a Rolex Oyster Perpetual “Air King” sold for £825.

A lot of work had to go on behind the scenes before we could sell lot 143, a snow leopard skin. We were advised that a government licence, Article 10 needed to be obtained before we could legally sell it, and each subsequent owner will need to purchase their own licence. Fortunately it sold for £1800 following a lot of interest so it was worth the extra work.

We had three vintage cameras in the sale including a Perkins and Son and Rayment half plate mahogany and brass camera with red bellows and mahogany tripod, in good condition, which sold for £300, showing the continuing popular demand for anything photographic.

We see a lot of old sewing machines in our General Sales and they never usually raise particularly good money, but lot 179, a 'Princess of Wales' cast iron sewing machine, sold for £130 partly, according to Giles Hodges, because it was manufactured by Newton Wilson and Co. one of the pioneers of the sewing machine industry in Great Britain from 1851.

Local interest was raised by a collection of half block model boats built between 1838-1870 that sold for prices ranging from £440-520. Enthusiasts will be pleased to know that they will be staying in the North East.

Our fortnightly valuation days, held on the Friday following each auction, have turned up some impressive items including this small oil on board by Antoinetta Brandeis (1849-1910) of the Ducal Palace Yard, Venice, which sold for £2800 against an estimate of £800-1200.

We had a good selection of art works in this auction, including a large collection of dog pictures. Lot 445, a signed pastel by John Silver (born 1959) of a study of a foxhound from the North Shropshire Hunt sold for £290.

In the furniture section a particularly nice quality 19th century Continental centre table with shaped walnut and ebonised top decorated with goat herders and hunting scenes and with marquetry floral banding and peacock decoration, lot 497, sold for £500 proving that good quality items will always find their way at auction.

Lot 497, a 19th century walnut Penny-in-Slot polyphone, was unusual in that it came in the form of a clock rather than the more normal table form. The music mechanism still played although the clock itself was not working. It sold for £2150 against an estimate of £300-500.

As you can see from the varied range of items sold in this Auction it is always worth while bringing items along for Valuation – you have nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain!
All Valuations are free and if items are large or bulky please do email pictures to us at

We are now accepting entries for our next Fine Art and Antique Auction to be held on Wednesday 27th November 2013. 
Please call in, telephone or email us and we will arrange to value and/or enter items for Auction.

Front Street, East Boldon, Tyne and Wear, NE36 0SJ
tel: 0191 5372630

Friday 6 September 2013

Half Block Model Ships for Sale

We have 6 half block models of ships for sale in our forthcoming Fine Art & Antique Sale on 18th September 2013.

One of the models is a half block model of the composite ship 'Maitland', length 183 ft, breadth 35 ft, depth 19 ft 6 in, Tonnage 1004 B. M. (The Famous Tea Clipper).
121 cm long. Estimate £400 - £600

The Maitland was a tea clipper built by William Pile, Sunderland. and launched December 2nd 1865. During her relatively short career of 9 years she sailed to Hong Kong, Shangai and Foochow and was wrecked on May 25th 1874 on a coral reef in the Huon Islands, New Caledonia on a voyage from Brisbane to Foochow.

The shipyard where she was built was owned by William Pile, a well respected British shipbuilder who was the first to introduce the Clipper class of ship to the river Wear in Sunderland. Amongst the ships built by William Pile was the ‘St Vincent’ and the redoubtable ‘City of Adelaide’.

Half block models were an important design and sales tool and were carved from a single block of wood. The shipbuilder would sit down with the prospective ship owner and the proposed half block model.

The model itself represented only the hull, from the sheer line to the keel. The model was also carved to the inside of planking. In other words, the dimensions of the model represented the size of the ship less the thickness of planking. This was done so that measurements taken from the model represented the outside dimensions of the frames. This was important in times when the hull planking could be as much a three to six inches thick or more.

Vertical marks would be made on the model, from sheer line to keel. These represented the locations of key frames. On a block model, strips of lead were bent to conform to the shape of the hull at one of the frame marks. These outlines were then transferred to a flat surface and the outline of the frame was expanded to full size and drawn on thin wood as templates.

Once the ship was finished, the half block model was often fastened to a piece of planking and hung on the office wall or presented to the ship owner. Models of clipper ship hulls are quite rare, as the designing and building of these ships was a very competitive process.

Wednesday 4 September 2013

'Elanware' Mother and Child

We are offering for sale in our Fine Art & Antique Auction on Wednesday 18th September an Adamsez ‘Elanware’ of Scotswood, Newcastle ‘Mother and Child’ figure.

The estimate is £400 - £600.

The ‘Elanware’ pottery was developed by Alan H. Adams. A slightly crystalline, dark grey glaze has been applied, giving the figure a metallic sheen. This type of glaze was developed for the firm by A.B. Searle, and was used on pottery made from local fireclay.

Moses J. Adams began to make ‘Adamesk’ art wares in 1904 at his pottery in Scotswood, Newcastle. Using local fireclay the firm first produced sanitary wares which were often decorated with coloured leadless glazes developed by A.B. Searle.

The production of decorative vases, bowls and models developed and was continued by Moses’ son Alan H. Adams, who became a director in 1921. The firm later changed its name to Adamsez Ltd., and finally closed in 1975.

This Sale will be held on Wednesday 18th September from 10am.

We are open for viewing on Saturday 14th September 10am - 1pm, Tuesday 17th September 2pm-6pm and on the morning of the sale from 9am.

Friday 23 August 2013

Entries still being accepted Fine Art & Antique Sale 18th September

Entries are still being accepted for the next Fine Art and Antique Sale on Wednesday 18th September

Come along to one of our Free Valuation Sessions

No need to make an appointment!

Friday 23rd August 10am - 12 noon and 2pm - 4pm

Friday 6th September 10am - 12 noon and 2pm - 4pm

If these dates are not suitable call us 0191 537 2630 or email

We look forward to meeting you and valuing your items

Friday 9 August 2013

Fine Art and Antique Auction

Please note that our

Fine Art and Antique Auction

will now be held on

Wednesday 18th September at 10am.

This is a change from the scheduled date of Wednesday 4th September


Saturday 14th September between 10am - 1pm
and Tuesday 17th September between 2pm - 6pm

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Thank you

A huge Thank You to all staff and clients at Boldon Auction Galleries who have been so generous in their donations and support for Giles and Team before the Lakeland 50 last weekend.

£860 has been raised for Fix The Fells so thank you again.

Monday 29 July 2013

Lakeland 50 completed

Team 'Are We Nearly There Yet'

Giles Hodges from Boldon Auction Galleries completed the gruelling Lakeland 50 in 20 hours, 49 minutes and 49 seconds.

He said afterwards that it was the hardest thing he had ever done. 


The Start at Dalemain Estate
From a humid 11.30am start on Saturday morning at Dalemain Estate to torrential rain for the last 13 hours the Team of 4 became 3 at Ambleside after 13 hours when Jason Lloyd had to retire. 

Final Checkpoint Coniston

The remaining 3 members of 'Are we Nearly There Yet?' Giles, Fergus and Peter covered the 50 miles with 3,100 metres ascent passing through 6 checkpoints on their way and pushed on to the finish at Coniston, arriving at 8.22am on Sunday morning.


A huge thank you goes to all the organisers and wonderful volunteer marshalls who were at every checkpoint giving encouragement, food, drinks and medical assistance if necessary.

The Finish at Coniston

Giles, Fergus, Peter and Jason have now raised a brilliant £860 for the Charity Fix The Fells which works to protect the Lakeland fells from erosion by maintaining and repairing the miles of pathways.

Giles is now waiting for his feet to recover whilst planning his next Challenge!!

Friday 26 July 2013

The Lakeland 50 is around the corner!

Tomorrow at 11:30am our team of 4 - Giles Hodges, Fergus Bates, Jason Lloyd and Peter Walker-Birch will be starting this year's Lakeland 50.

For those that are unaware of the event it involves walking and with a little bit of motivation from Fergus (our Morpeth Harrier's secret weapon) running 50 miles in 24 hours.

Added to the mix is 3,100 metres of ascent and remember what comes up must come down!

We start at the Dalemain Estate and make headway to Ambleside hopefully before closing time and then a short crawl of approx. 15 miles to the finish at Coniston and home to bed !!.

The monies raised are going to the Charity - Nuture Lakeland (FIx The Fells). This Charity needs funds to help to repair and maintain the fells for future generations.

It's not going to be easy and all four of us have had plenty of injuries to hold up our training along the way.

We have raised £840 so far and are still collecting so any more donations will make a huge difference.
A big thank you from team ARE WE NEARLY THERE YET?!!

Giles, Fergus, Jason and Peter

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Sale highlights from our Fine Art & Antique Auction held on Wednesday 12th June 2013

Beatlemania hit Boldon when a signed album went under the hammer at our summer Fine Art and Antique auction. The album had been signed at a hotel in Carlisle on 21st November 1963 after a local competition winner, Margaret Svenson, had gone to meet the Fab Four and had taken albums belonging to her friends Christine and Jackie to be signed. Fifty years later Jackie decided to sell her album and it instantly generated huge interest internationally. It was estimated to fetch between £2,000-3,000 but competition was so fierce amongst the bidders that it quickly rocketed up to £11,100.

Jewellery and watches sold well with Lot 468, a gentleman's Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Just wrist watch selling for £1,600.

Lot 484, a platinum ring set with central 1.75 ct emerald cut diamond, and flanked by two 0.50 ct round cut diamonds, estimated at £4,000-£6,000 reached its top estimate, selling for exactly £6,000, and lot 383, a heart shaped gold and diamond encrusted pendant also reached its top estimate of £1,500, while Lot 505, a large carved mother of pearl shell "Subtuum Bresidium Confugimus Sadei Genitrix" dramatically passed its conservative estimate and sold for £1,000.

One of the most charming lots was a boxed Japanese tinplate 'Grand Air March' model and a boxed Essdee German 'Over The Top' which included a rare tinplate clockwork R100 Zeppelin with tower. It had been given a moderate estimate but completely exceeded expectations by selling for a massive £900.

In our porcelain and ceramics section of the auction we had a fine Satsuma lidded circular box by Yabu Meizan, estimated at £2,000 - £3,000 which sold for £3,700,

and lot 74, A tall Kralik iridescent vase with flared rim, waisted neck and octagonal tapering body with Art Nouveau pewter mounts which sold for £750, while lot 247, a French ormolu clock garniture shot up to £1,400.

Lot 1, a purple M.G.B. convertible car, registered 27th June 1975, 1798 CC, with a mileage of 48,399, sold well at £1,300 continuing our success at auction with vintage cars.

Lot 347, an early 20th century concertina with 56 buttons, pierced fretwork, chromed ends and leather box, estimated at £400-£600, sold for £700.

In our paintings section Lot 611 a two sided oil by Edwin Ward with the head of a cavalier on each side, dated 1878 sold at the top of its estimate at £800, while a watercolour by George Edward Horton, of the Brig Anne ashore at Herd Sands, South Shields, sold for £500 and a painting by David Woodlock (1842-1849) sold for £300. Lot 571, a folder of 51 Victorian watercolours, exceeded its upper estimate of £120, selling for £370.

Books sold well, ranging from several lots of miniature books like Lot 371 which included the “Victoria Miniature Almanac” and sold for £75, and Lot 369 “Les Delices des Champs Etrenes Chantantes pour l’An 1810” which sold for £150, up to larger volumes such as “The History and Antiquities of the town and county of the town of Newcastle”, 1784, which sold for £380.

In the furniture section Lot 649, a Victorian walnut credenza with marquetry inlay and ormolu mounts, sold at its upper estimate of £800, and fierce competition on the internet led to Lot 650, a country style armchair, estimated at £50-80, rocketing up to an impressive £850.

Lot 696, an early 20th century Chinese hardwood ladies writing desk with open fret work, estimated at £200-300 sold for £720 and Lot 698 a heavily carved oak mirror back sideboard, the mirrored back with lion masks, carved and panelled doors and caryatid figures playing instruments, sold for £810.

Two local North East railway clocks had their time in the limelight, selling for £580 and £600, while a rare North East glass Victorian water jug, acid etched with a scene commemorating the opening of the Newcastle upon Tyne swing bridge, c1876 sold for £75, and Lot 271, a Collection of local North East Victorian and later photographs sold for £220.

This auction was filmed by the BBC team behind the popular series Flog It! Led by Paul Martin, the team worked brilliantly both behind the scenes and out in the saleroom and we are all looking forward to the showing of the episodes in the autumn.

We are now accepting entries for our next Fine Art and Antique Auction to be held on Wednesday 4th September 2013.

Please call in, telephone or email us and we will arrange to value and/or enter items for Auction.

Front Street, East Boldon, Tyne & Wear, NE36 0SJ
Tel. 0191 5372630

Thursday 18 July 2013

Super cute figures!

Consigned for our next Fine Art & Antique Auction on 4th September three Shelley Mabel Lucie Attwell figures "Shy", "The Gardeners Boy" and "The Bride".

Mabel Lucie Attwell (4 June 1879 – 5 November 1964) was a British illustrator. She was first known for her cute, nostalgic drawings of children, based on her daughter, Peggy. Her drawings are featured on many postcards, advertisements, posters, books and figurines.

In 1921, J.M. Barrie personally requested her to illustrate the gift-book edition of Peter Pan and The Lucie Attwell Annual was published from 1922 to 1974, its continuance ten years after her death being made possible by extensive re-use of images, a practice established in the 1920's picture books of her work.

In 1926 Shelley Potteries commissioned Mabel Lucie Attwell to produce designs for children’s china ware. This china continued to be manufactured into the sixties.

Monday 15 July 2013

Next General Sale is on Wednesday 24th July

Our next General Sale is on Wednesday 24th July and not this week as incorrectly advertised in the Sunderland Echo today.

Sorry for any confusion!!

Friday 5 July 2013

Next Sale 10th July

Victorian, Edwardian and General Household Sale
Wednesday 10th July
starting at 10 am

A Honda Accord car to be sold 10th July

Estimate £1,500-£2,500

Over 450 lots to include an automatic Honda Accord 4 door saloon car, petrol, 2007, mileage 88,254, MOT to 18/07/13 and taxed to 31/07/13, ceramics, china and glass, Royal Doulton, Maling, Villeroy & Boch designed by Naif, Shelley tea china, Royal Crown Derby, Withernsea pottery, Collectors items -Selection of Cartier, Prada, Barbour, YSL, Emmy, Moschino, Armani and Mulberry
bags, purses and wallets, Fishing rods, reels and other fishing equipment, postcards, watches, gold and silver jewellery, silver and silver-plated items, photograph frames, musical instruments, toys and games, carriage lamps, walking sticks, miner's lamps, tools, garden bench, copper items, books, rugs, mirrors, golf clubs, kitchenware, paintings and prints, BMW and Vauxhall car parts, Honda Generator 6.5 KVA, fridges, freezers, flat screen TV's, leather sofas, dining and bedroom furniture, Ercol dining room suite, tables, chairs and many many other household items and furniture.

A Hardy Reel to be sold 10th July

Estimate £150-£200


Saturday 6th July 10am - 1pm

Tuesday 9th July 2pm - 6pm

and on the morning of the sale from 9am

You can view our catalogue on-line at close of business today Friday 5th July

An Ercol dining room suite

Estimate £100-£150

Any queries please call us on 0191 537 2630
email us at
or come and see us in person at our Saleroom in East Boldon

A Hardy Rod to be sold 10th July

Estimate £150-£200