Friday 19 January 2024

Sovereigns at auction

Lot 229.  Queen Elizabeth II Tribute Gold Sovereign Prestige Set, 2022, one eighth sovereign, quarter sovereign, half sovereign and sovereign (4)  Estimate £800-£1,000

For Auction 24th January 2024

Charles Barr furniture for auction 24th January

Lot 312.  A Charles Barr mahogany four door breakfast bookcase, a Charles Barr extending dining table with a set of six chairs, comprising two carvers and four single chairs.  Estimate £300-£500

For Auction 24th January 2024

Robinson and Sons of Ilkey

Lot 317.  A 19th Century mahogany bergere campaign day bed, by Robinson and Sons of Ilkey

For Auction 24th January 2024

Swedish Design

Lot 322.  

A teak dressing table, designed by Svend Aage Madsen, 116cm wide

Estimate £80 - £150

For Auction 24th January 2024

Scottish silver

Lot 245.  A silver tankard, Rait, 34 Buchaman Street, Glasgow, 1893, engraved and with enamel decoration, 350g.  Estimate £100-£150  For Auction 24th January 2024

Strike Time

Lot 240.  

Two silver mounted match strikers

Estimate £30-£50

For Auction 24th January 2024

A Pocket of Time

Lot 231.  

A pocket watch stamped '14KT'

Estimate £60-£100

For Auction 24th January 2024

Lot 1. Land Rover Freelander for Auction 24th January


Lot 1.  A Land Rover Freelander Luxury HSE TD4, auto, 2.2, diesel, first registered 05.03.2013, two keys, V5 and some paperwork, mileage stated 96,930.  Estimate £6,000 - £8,000.  For auction 24th January 2024.

Dreams of the high seas

Lot 14.  
A cased model of a Yacht

Estimate £100-£150

For Auction 24th January 2024

No Dry January here

Lot 8.  

A boxed presentation Louis XIII de Remy Martin Grand Champagne Cognac, with glass stopper and two glasses 

Estimate £1.500 - £2,000

One of several lots of wine and spirits in the Auction on the 24th of January 2024

Lions for Auction

Lot 31. A pair of Staffordshire standing lions with glass eyes

Estimate £50-£80

For Auction 24th January 2024

Small is Beautiful

Lot 191.  

A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern, number 1128, miniature Bachelors tea set

Estimate £250-£350

For Auction 24th January 2024

Take a Seat

Lot 17. 

An oak three legged stool, signed underneath Jack Grimble, Cromer

Estimate £15-£30

For Auction 24th January 2024

Are you Egg Static for an Egg Chair?

Lot 261.  A green upholstered 'Egg chair' by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen, purchased from Adrian Share Interiors, Sunderland
Estimate £300-£500
For Auction 24th January 2024

Wednesday 10 January 2024

Furnish your home for less!


Lot 244.  

Light oak side cabinet.  

Sold £100.  

10th January 2024

One of many lots of modern furniture sold in the auction. 

Stroh violin


Lot 169 Sold £280 10.01.24

The Stroh violin is a type of stringed musical instrument that is mechanically amplified by a metal resonator and horn attached to its body.  Johannes Matthias Augustus Stroh invented the first instrument in London in 1899.

Floor Coverings are the business

Lot 182. Sold £190.  10th January 2024.

Lot 179. Sold £140.  10th January 2024.

Aesthetic furniture proves popular at auction

Lot 223.  Sold £360. 10.01.24


UK Proof Sets


Lot 168.  UK proof sets 1970 to 2019, complete excluding 2011, 49 different sets.  Sold £1,200 10.01.24

Gone Fishing

Lot 170.  

Fishing tackle, including a Greys 'Grey Flex 13', # 9/10 rod, a Sage SLT 690, # 6, Orvis Trident etc.

Sold £380 (10.01.24)

Boxes and Boxes of interesting items auctioned at Boldon

From china, glass and metal ware to vintage clothing, textiles and ephemera.  Every fortnight Boldon Auction Galleries have a room full to the brim with boxes and shelves full of items to browse through.

Lot 95.  Sold £110 (10.01.24)

Lot 82.  Sold £90 (10.01.24)

Lot 104.  Sold £115 (10.01.24)

Classic Mouseman


Lot 39.  Sold on 10th January 2024 for £200

Wisdom in Wisden

Lot 84 sold £1,800 (10th January 2024 Auction)

Pressure is rising at Boldon

Lot 10.  A Darton Barograph.  Sold £100

Auction held on 10.01.24

barograph is a barometer that records the barometric pressure over time in graphical form. This instrument is also used to make a continuous recording of atmospheric pressure. The pressure-sensitive element, a partially evacuated metal cylinder, is linked to a pen arm in such a way that the vertical displacement of the pen is proportional to the changes in the atmospheric pressure.

French clock in the North East

Lot 2. An early 20th Century French mantel clock with porcelain panels, eight day movement and strike action, H 40cm

Sold £120

Auction held on 10.01.24

First Lot of the first Auction of 2024


Lot 1.  

Poole Sun Face Charger sold £380.