Tuesday 29 October 2019

Ways to Bid at Boldon

Its very easy to bid with us at Boldon Auction Galleries - you can do any of the following:

  • Bid in person - the doors open for the Auction at 9am and the Auction starts at 10am - bring your bidding number with you and wave it at the Auctioneer when you wish to bid.  It costs £1 to register and this lasts you all year (we re-register with lovely new colour cards every January)

  • Leave a Commission Bid with a member of staff - we will bid on your behalf up to the maximum amount you have left

  • Bid online live with the-saleroom.com - Simply register and you can bid with us anywhere
  • Do a Telephone Bid (on lots estimated at £500 plus)

Tune in to BBC Radio Newcastle tonight

Delighted to be on BBC Radio Newcastle tonight at 4.35pm - listen in to Charlie Charlton chat with Graham Short the micro master engraver who created the 'Day to Day' artwork we will be auctioning tomorrow.
If you miss it you can catch up on the BBC Sounds App.

Friday 25 October 2019

Tick Tock

Lot 322
A gents Bi-metal Rolex, Datejust wristwatch with box and assorted paperwork
Estimate £2,000-3,000
To be sold Wednesday 30th October 2019


Lot 404
A mahogany long case clock, with eight day movement, white painted dial, signed John Barrow, Aberdeen
Antique and Interiors Sale 30th October 2019


A project for the winter months ........

Lot 427 
85 pieces of rope twist garden edging
Estimate £200-£400
Antique and Interiors Sale 30th October 2019

'Mother and Child'

Lot 336
Oil on canvas 'Mother and Child', Surra Xander, 74cm x 60cm
Estimate £30-£50
Antique and Interiors Sale 30th October 2019

Down the Rabbit Hole

Lot 258
Alice in Wonderland rabbit clock
Estimate £10-£20
Antique and Interiors Sale 30th October 2019

Fairground Attraction

Lot 274

A 48 keyless carousel fair organ. Bears label "built in 1991, No. 32/526, Mr and Mrs Peter Trueman, Organ Builder and Restorer" on a trolley, with a large selection of music
Estimate £800-£1,200

The Organ comes with 32 tunes and is in working order.

As the nights are drawing in, fill them with fairground festivities.

The Organ will be offered for auction in our Wednesday 30th October Antique and Interiors Sale from 10am.

Piping from Northumberland

Lot 277
A set of Northumbrian Smallpipes, by D. G. Burleigh, with travel case
Estimate £400-£600
To be offered for Auction Wednesday 30th October 2019 in the Antique and Interiors Sale

The term Northumbrian Pipes relates to three types of bagpipe played in the North East of England, particularly Northumberland and Tyne and Wear.  They are Northumbrian Smallpipes, Border Pipes and Half-Longs.

Northumbrian Smallpipes are a melodious bellows blown bagpipe developed by makers in Newcastle upon Tyne and North Shields from the end of the 18th century.  

They are quiet in comparison with other bagpipes and normally played indoors.  Consisting of one chanter with a number of metal keys (usually seven) and four drones.  The chanter has a closed end and is played with closed fingering meaning that traditional Northumbrian piping is staccato in style.  Three drones are usually sounded at once, tuned to G, D and g for example if the tonic of the tune is G.

"Accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days you are the statue"


We are thrilled to be selling this incredible artwork in our Antiques and Interiors Sale Wednesday 30th October 2019.

Lot 278

'Day to Day' by artist Graham Short

The oak box has a Single Stem Display Microscope 250x and contains an engraving on the end tip of a Paper Clip.  The engraving reads "Accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days you are the statue".  The quote is taken from the character David Brent in the mockumentary series The Office.
Estimate £20,000 - £25,000

Known as the "world's smallest engraver" for his miniature art masterpieces, master engraver Graham Short has dedicated more than half his life to engraving.  In 1974 after a six year apprenticeship he set up a one man engraving business and soon developed a prestigious list of clients including Rolls Royce, the National Gallery and Vivienne Westwood.

Graham Short's creative methods are unconventional to say the least.  When he works he straps his arm down to ensure that his controlled movements are as precise as possible.  Graham is a dedicated swimmer and pursues an active lifestyle to keep his heart beating as slowly as possible.  Due to the vibration that the traffic causes during the day he works only at night and often meets the dawn as it rises.  Each piece of artwork can take up to eight months to complete.

After a national newspaper discovered this incredible gift the demand for work was immediate, his first exhibition was a sell out and he became known as "The Hands of Genius".  From pens to coins, paper clips to razor blades Graham Short has inscribed these items with quotes ranging from the literati of the last couple of centuries to the sometimes irreverent soundbites of contemporary songwriters.  Producing around four pieces per year he is now regarded as one of the most talented living artists in the world today.

This is an opportunity to purchase something truly unique.  
Come and see for yourself.  
Viewing is on Saturday 26th October 10am - 1pm and Tuesday 29th October 2pm-6pm and morning of Auction from 9am.

Sculptural Delight

Lot 45
A metalwork sculpture by Kenneth Rowden 'Bill Sykes' 
76cm height
Estimate £100-£150
Antiques and Interiors Sale 30th October 2019

Kenneth Rowden (1935-1999).  Rowden was born in Horden, County Durham. He worked as a welder which led to a successful career as a sculptor. His work has been widely exhibited throughout Britain, France and the U.S.A. The Stumps, one of his last creative sculptures, depicting Old Father Time at Lords cricket ground, was presented to former Prime Minister John Major.

Eastern Promise

We have a collection of Oriental items for Auction in our Antique and Interiors Sale on Wednesday 30th October.  

Come and view Saturday 26th October 10am-1pm and Tuesday 29th October 2pm-6pm.

The auction starts at 10am on Wednesday 30th October

Lot 1              A hardwood table screen with twenty seven polychrome carved ivory panels.  54cm                             tall  
                       Estimate £30-£50

Lot 2              A set of 12 silver mounted Famille Rose plates   
                       Estimate £80-£120

Lot 3              Two Oriental books       
                       Estimate £

Lot 4              A Famille Rose miniature tea pot.  10cm tall       
                      Estimate £20-£40

Lot 5              An early Chinese silk embroidery             
                       Estimate £

Lot 6              A bronze Chinese wine cup.  8.5cm diameter                              Estimate £30-£50

Lot 7              A Famille Verte Chinese dish, seal marks to base.  11.4cm diameter          
                       Estimate £30-£50

Lot 8              A double gourd Cizhou vase.  18cm tall                          Estimate £30-£50

Lot 9              A cloisonne pot and cover decorated with Buddhist emblems.  13cm tall 
                       Estimate £30-£50

Lot 10            A bronze censor inlaid with silver wire Dragon, Xuande mark to base.                         Approx. 14cm tall  
                       Estimate £100-£150

Lot 11            An 18th century apple green vase.  16cm tall                               Estimate £25-£45

Lot 12           A GE type Mei Ping vase with incised Chinese characters.  25cm tall           
                      Estimate £30-£50

Lot 13           A pair of mother of pearl inlaid boxes.  20cm diameter    
                      Estimate £30-£50

Lot 14           A Japanese Noh mask.  22cm x 15.5cm                         Estimate £100-£150

Lot 15           A Famille Verte model of a horse.  26cm tall       
                      Estimate £

Lot 16           A Chinese watercolour on plith paper.  42.5cm x 30cm   
                      Estimate £

Lot 17           A Chinese Famille Rose charger, decorated with dragons.  34cm diameter   
                      Estimate £30-£50
Lot 18            A large blue and white charger, decorated with four claw Dragon.  40cm diameter                                Estimate £30-£50

Lot 19           A 19th Century gilt bronze censor, cover and stand.  55cm tall                            Estimate £100-£150

Lot 20           A large 18th/19th Century blue and white ginger jar, with 6 character mark to base.                              40cm tall     
                      Estimate £80-£120

Lot 21           A large blue and white double gourd vase.  50cm tall                             Estimate £80-£120

Lot 22           A terracotta Stupa, converted to a table lamp (not including the brass fitting).  
                     36cm tall                       Estimate £80-£120