Friday 26 February 2021

Driving into Summer

Lot 1 in our 10th February Antique Interiors and General Sale.
A Ford Focus Titanium 100, petrol, 1.6cc, registered 08/09/2009, Mileage 33,823.
Sold for £1700


Like music to our ears

Several lots of good quality audio equipment was sold in our 24th February Antique, Interiors and General Sale. Lot 90 A Marantz SA-1451 CD player sold for £600 

Lockdown viewing material at Boldon Auctions!


Lot 77 Four boxes of DVDs 

Sold in our 24th February Antique, Interiors and General Sale for £420

Relax, take it easy at Boldon Auction Galleries


Lot 339 Oxblood leather Chesterfield wing back armchair 
Sold in our 24th February Antique, Interiors and General Sale for £340

Thursday 25 February 2021

Glad Tidings at Boldon Auctions


Lot 16 Royal Doulton 'Glad Tidings'
Sold for £220 in our 24th February Antique, Interiors and General Sale

Boldon Auction Galleries are pleased to spread their own glad tidings as the Governments recent announcement of a four step road map out of lockdown means we are able to allow customers back onto the premises from 12th April. Customers will be able to book valuation appointments and spaces to attend the sale as well as being able to attend our regular open valuation sessions and viewing days. We are looking forward to seeing our existing and new customers in our Covid friendly saleroom. 

The pen is mightier than the sword - Edward Bulwer-Lytton.


Lot 188 pictured above sold in our 24th February Antique, Interiors and General Sale for £2200 

Considered the gold standard of fountain pens prior to WWII the L.E Waterman Pen Company was founded by Lewis Edson Waterman in 1888. The need for a reliable writing pen drew many customers to the cigar shop that Waterman was selling from in Fulton Street New York, causing him to often sell out of the pens he made.

Waterman designed and created his pen at his brothers farm from a whittled down wooden wheel spoke. The invention was patented by Waterman in 1884, who then went on to sell around 5,000 pens a year, increasing to up to 1000 pens per day by the time he passed away in 1901. However, the pen company continued to maintain its prosperity and designed and manufactured the first rivet clip pen cap to allow pens to be carried easily and safely the correct way up in a pocket in 1905. After the breakthrough rivet clip Watermans continued their climb to pen making history in 1907 by creating the first ‘safety’ fountain pen that could be carried in any position.

The historical writing instruments were respected so much that the Treaty of Versailles was signed in a solid gold Waterman pen by Lloyd George, the Prime Minister of England and on his record-breaking transatlantic flight Lindy even carried a Waterman.

The Waterman pens continued to grow, and the company had many of its best years in the late teens and 1920s when they developed their 52s ripple series with pens resembling exotic woods in addition to the usual black with filigree gold and silver tips.

Sadly, the traditional pens manufactured by the Waterman company became overlooked by the more innovative designs of its competitors and the company seen a decline in sales. Watermans went on to make the Lady Patricia pen which was both as expensive as it was beautiful, but the cost of the pen added to the decline in sales. With one last magnificent design the Waterman company manufactured the first transparent pen ‘The Hundred Year Pen’ in 1939, which are now highly collectable. The company, however, did not succeed in lasting beyond a decade after the Hundred Year pen was made.

Friday 19 February 2021

Quack Quack


Lot 39
This terrific Decoy Duck is for Auction on Wednesday 24th February from 10am

Equine Delights


Lot 38.
Impressive pair of Spelter figure groups
For Auction 24th February 2021
Catalogue online now

Royal Crown Derby

One of several lots of Royal Crown Derby paperweights.

For Auction 24th February 2021

Catalogue on-line now Catalogue



Lot 123

Vintage Moet champagne, Teachers Highland Cream etc.

For Auction 24th February 2021

Catalogue on-line now Catalogue

Any Chemists out there?


Lot 25

Five Chemist bottles/jars

For Auction 24th February 2021

Catalogue on-line now Catalogue

Hats Off

Lot 15

A Top Hat and Leather Case.

For Auction 24th February 2021

Catalogue on-line now Catalogue

Light in the Darkness

 Lot 22

A Hailwood & Ackroyd Miners lamp and a W. E. Teal Miners lamp.

For Auction 24th February 2021

Catalogue on-line now Catalogue

Wednesday 17 February 2021

High Fidelity

 Antique, Interiors & General Sale

Online Only

Wednesday 24th February at 10am


To include a collection of good quality Hi-Fi equipment,

Monitor Audio, Roksan, Heritage, Arcan, Marantz etc.

View on-line
from Friday 19th February

For all further Sale Information & Valuation Days please visit our website or telephone the Saleroom

Did you know Hi-Fi is the shortened word for High Fidelity used by listeners, audiophiles and home audio enthusiasts to refer to high quality reproduction of sound?

Terrific Teak

Lot 543

A long teak sideboard

Sold £320, 10th February 2021

Lovely Ladderax

Lot 529

Three sections of Ladderax

Sold £800, 10th February 2021

Arts and Crafts Delight

Lot 527
A small oak Arts and Crafts dresser, the top with leaded glass door, below a single door and two drawers Sold £200 10th February 2021

Retro Kitchen Chic

Lot 510

A fantastic 1950's kitchen cabinet, with drop down enamel front opening to reveal compartments for bread, milk, eggs, meat etc.

Sold £170

10th February 2021

Watch Out

Lot 353

A 9ct gold Rolex watch, with rectangular dial, second hand dial, batons, leather strap, with leather box and outer box

Sold £1,200

10th February 2021

Lot 357

A 9ct gold Rolex watch, with circular dial and batons and stainless steel strap

Sold £1,200

10th February 2021

Executing a Family Tradition

Lot 336.

A collection of documents and correspondence (handwritten and typed) between The Governor of H.M. Prison Durham, the Secretary of State at the Home Office, Whitehall, Ernest Gilmour Harvey the Under Sheriff of Northumberland, Thomas Dalrymple Straker-Smith the High Sheriff of Northumberland and Thomas William Pierrepoint relating to the execution of a North East man William Parker in 1938.  

Sold £520 to a local North East Collector

10th February 2021

New Money


Lot 318

A boxed presentation 2003 silver proof crown , a boxed 2003 DNA 2 pound coin, a Falkland Island 50 pence silver proof coin, a 2003 Brittania one ounce silver coin, a 2000 Britannia silver two pound coin, a silver proof 'The Palace Flypast' coin, a Britannia silver two pound coin, 1999, a boxed Executive proof collection and various other coins

Sold £185

10th February 2021

Tick Tock


Lot 225
An oak cased wall clock, painted dial with by L. Fillery, 3 Church Street, Eastbourne, with 8 day movement and strike action 
Sold £320
10th February 2021

A Canny price for a Canney Cat


Lot 125

A 19th century salt glazed model of a 'Canney Hill' Cat, 29cm height

Sold £220 (bought by a North East Collector)

10th February 2021

Anyone for Tea?

Lot 115

Two Chinese Teapots

Sold £300

10th February 2021

Modellers Delight

 Lot 42

Two boxes of Eagle, Airfix and Tamiya model kits.

Sold £550

10th February 2021

Lot 48

Large quantity of Airfix model kits

Sold £260

10th February 2021

Lot 40

Two boxes of Airfix Atlantic, Revell figures and kits

Sold £400

10th February 2021

May The Force Be With You



Lot 30

A Star Wars 'Rancor Monster' and a 'Scout Walker Vehicle' (boxed)

Sold £320

10th February 2021

Lot 25

A Star Wars Millennium Falcon Spaceship (boxed)

Sold £130

10th February 2021

Deals on Wheels

Lot 1. Ford Focus Titanium 100, petrol, 1.6cc, registered 08/09/2009, Mileage 33,823 sold £1,700 on 10th February 2021.

Lot 2 Honda Jazz 1-VTEC S, petrol, 1.2cc, registered 10/09/2009, mileage 32,527 sold £2,000 on 10th February 2021.


Some very exciting Musical instruments have just arrived at Boldon Auction Galleries - we are cataloguing and photographing them at the moment - keep your eyes peeled, more info soon!