Thursday 20 June 2024

Wonderful Waltham watch to come under the hammer

Lot 310.

An 18ct gold Waltham pocket watch

Estimate £1,800-£2,200

For auction 26th June

Pair of silver pepperettes is one lot of many silver and gold lots for auction next week

Lot 239.

Pair of silver pepperettes

Estimate £20-£40

For auction 26th June

Diamonds a plenty

Lot 294.

A boxed diamond and platinum necklace, approximately 5cts of diamonds, with IGI certificate, colour E-F, clarity VS

Estimate £3,000-£4,000

Art Deco and Edwardian pendants to be offered for auction on the 26th June


Lot 270.
An Art Deco 18ct gold pendant, stamped 750 and a 9ct gold chain, weight 3.4 grams and two Edwardian pendants
Estimate £150-£250

Lot 279. An 18ct gold necklace and an 18ct gold tri colour bracelet, stamped 750, weight 20 grams for auction 26th June


Estimate £400-£500    

Lot 71. A pair of Victorian red glass and enamelled lustres for auction 26th June


Lot 30 A stylish Acapulco coffee set for auction 26th June


Wednesday 19 June 2024

Wine Cellar to be auctioned 26th June


Katzhutte Art Deco figurines for auction on 26th June


Links of London

"Links of London have left a legacy of love for quality designer silver jewellery that you can easily wear day or night, that communicates your personality or makes perfect reminders of special moment"  

Here at Boldon Auction Galleries we have a plethora of Links of London jewellery for auction, including earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Check out the catalogue online from Friday 21st June.

Can't get enough of the football at the moment?

Here are a terrific lot of Football Fobs and Medals from Northumberland.  

To be offered for auction on Wednesday 26th June from 10am. 

We have two 9ct gold Ashington and District Football League Fobs, one dated 1921-1922, a silver Football fob and a silver medal awarded to Lance Corporal H. Bailey for Skills at Arms, Infantry Wing, 1st Course, 1918.

Sneak Peek


Friday 7 June 2024

18ct gold Gentleman's signet ring for auction

 Lot 261

An 18ct gold Gentleman's signet ring, weight 14g

Estimate £400-£500

For auction 12th June 2024

Scottish 18ct gold pocket watch for auction on 12th June

Lot 259.

An 18ct gold pocket watch by William Taffray, Glasgow,

total weight 120g, number 11146

Estimate £300-£400

Northumberland Football Association pendant from the 1900's to come under the hammer

Lot 260.

A gold Northumberland Football  Association (1905-1906) 9ct gold pendant, and an RVI Cup (1906-1907) 9ct gold pendant, weight 23.5g

Estimate £200-£300

For auction 12th June

Narwhal Tusk cane to be offered for sale 12.06.24


Lot 253.  A 19th Century carved Narwhal tusk walking cane, L 96cm
Estimate £600-£800

Keswick School Art Nouveau fire screen at Boldon Auctions


Lot 13.

A Keswick School Art Nouveau copper embossed fire screen, by William H. Mawson, stamped, in an oak framework panel, panel measures 44 x 40cm

Estimate £150-£200

For auction 12th June 2024

Discovering ways region fought the slave trade

Click the link to read a fascinating article by Tony Henderson about our regions links to the abolition of the slave trade and the history behind the anti slavery pin cushion we recently sold at auction. 

QT Article