Wednesday 31 July 2019

Football Focus

Three interesting items came into the Saleroom this morning; a Football Echo dated 1st May 1937, a Cup Final Tie ticket for the Final Tie between Sunderland and Preston on 1st May 1937 and a Sunderland Football Supporters red and white rosette.  


At over 82 years old these items are interesting enough to have survived due to the delicate nature of the paper and the fabric, however what is fantastic is that the Cup Final ticket is signed by every member of the Sunderland Football team who played that day except for Alexander 'Sandy' McNab who replaced injured Captain Alex Hastings (Alex Hastings however did sign this fan's ticket stub).

Eddie Burbanks
Bert Johnston
Jimmy Gorman
Johnny Mapson
Len Duns
Charlie Thomson
Patrick Gallacher
Raich Carter
Alex Hall
Bobby Gurney
Alex Hastings 

Three second half goals saw Sunderland defeat Preston North End 3 - 1 at Wembley.

To be offered for Auction on Wednesday 7th August Antique and Interiors Sale.

“Some of the rosettes are as big as dinner plates. Four rows behind us, two men are decked out in the only colours that matter. They look grand.” 
Sunderland Echo Reporter, May 1st 1937 reporting from Wembley

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Ahoy There

A scale shipyard model of the 'Empire Tesbury' built by Bartram and Sons Ltd Sunderland, 1945-1946 for the Ministry of War Transport.
Estimate £1,000 - £1,500
To be sold Antique and Interiors Sale 7th August

Built by Bartram and Sons Ltd, Sunderland, the Empire Tesbury was a 975 GRT coastal tanker. The tanker launched on 21 November 1945 and was completed in March 1946. The tanker was built for The Ministry of War Transport. 

Formed by the British Government early in the Second World War, The Ministry of War Transport (MoWT) was formed by merging the Ministry of Shipping and the Ministry of Transport. Founded on 1st May 1941 after the appointment of Lord Leathers as Minister of War Transport, the MoWT brought the responsibility of the shipping and land transport into a single department to ease co-ordination problems of transport in wartime.

The tanker was chartered out commercially in 1951 by the Admiralty and renamed Rippledyke. The Royal Fleet Auxiliary used the tanker as RFA Rippledyke in 1958 as an oil hulk at Gibraltar. After being sold to S. Lucchese & L. Esposito, Italy the tanker was converted to a suction dredger in 1960, now 1,000 GRT. The tanker was renamed Ada in 1965 and collided with a ship 'Bo─Źna' and sank on 5 November 1966 at Lido, Venice. The wreckage was struck on 16th November by motorboat Marini Di Sapri which sank as a result. On 4th February 1967 the tanker re-floated and was repaired; including a new diesel engine being fitted. The tanker was then reclassed as a barge in 1978 and eventually scrapped in November 1981 at Porto Nogaro, Italy.

Founded in 1838 Bartram & Sons were a shipbuilding firm, started by George Bartram and John Lister. In 1852 the partnership between Bartram and Lister ended and Robert Appleby Bartram, George’s son was brought on board. Forming a partnership with George Haswell after his father’s retirement in 1871, Robert established Bartram, Haswell & Co. The company was positioned at South Dock in Sunderland. After the retirement of George Haswell in 1889, Robert brought his sons, William and George on board. The company became limited in 1922 and was taken over by George and William in 1925.  

Birds of a feather

This pair of 20th Century Oriental pheasants in sterling 925 silver with blue cloisonn├ę enamel, each pheasant is marked ‘Silver 925’, 7cm high, 13cm wide from beak to tip of feathers will be offered for Auction on Wednesday 7th August.

This fantastic Continental, silver, enamelled cigarette case will be featured in our next Antiques and Interiors Sale on Wednesday 7th August.
The silver case is adorned with a beautiful enamelled portrait of a lady wearing a fur coat, hat and muff.
Often referred to as a cigarette tin or pre-1930’s a ‘flat fifty’, due to the capacity to store up to 50 cigarettes; the cigarette case is considered a sturdy container developed to prevent cigarettes being crushed. Generally flat and most commonly made of metal, the cases open out symmetrical and hold cigarettes in both sides. Some cases are designed to hold a packet of cigarettes.
The cases are considered fashionable accessories within the smoking culture, leading to some being made bespoke and from precious metals and adorning engravings, enamels and jewels.
More modern cases may be made of plastic and have built in features such as an ashtray or a lighter.

Thursday 18 July 2019

Mad as a Hatter!

“Look at me!
Look at me!
Look at me NOW!
It is fun to have fun
But you have to know how.” 
― Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat

To be offered for Auction 24th July 2019 from 10am

And relax ......

A Harvey's 'Reid Apsley' (as new, cost £6,500) blue leather three seater, single recliner and a manual two seater sofa to be offered for auction on 24th July 2019 from 10am

Sitting Pretty

Conran 'Love Seat' (as new, cost £1,500) 
to be offered for Auction on 24th July from 10am

Throw some shade

Art Deco light shades from a bygone age of style and beauty to be sold in our General Sale 24th July 2019 from 10am

1912 Sovereign

Gold Sovereign for Auction 24th July 2019

Child's Play

A large selection of new boxed Dinky and Corgi vehicles to be sold in our General Sale 24th July from 10am

Wednesday 17 July 2019

The Force is Strong

Marvel Comics -
This iconic Star Wars Comic is dated February 8th 1978
Number 1 
We will be auctioning numbers 1-129 inclusive with two boxes of other Star Wars comics
Estimate £100-£150
General Sale 24th July 2019

For many a young Star Wars fan in 1970’s Britain this was their first exposure to the galaxy far, far away.
While the film was released in London at the end of 1977, over half a year after it debuted in America, it took many months to reach the rest of the country. The Marvel Comics adaptation first appeared on UK shores in the shape of a reprinted large format 2 issue US Treasury Edition, but more widely in February 1978 with Marvel UK’s immensely popular Star Wars Weekly comic.
The 6 issue monthly American run was divided and published across 12 black & white weekly UK issues.
While it shared a few covers with its monthly American cousin, the vast majority were different – and at times bear little resemblance in terms of look, plot, or character to the actual movie. What they do have in spades is bombast and melodrama.
Don't delay "Do. Or do not. There is no try." - Yoda

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Highlights from the Antique and Interiors Auction 10th July 2019

Highlights Antique and Interiors Sale 10th July 2019

Show 'N Tell Time at Boldon Auction Galleries

A 1970's Monogram Show 'N Tell Phono-Viewer, made by CBS Toys, USA, with 9 Picturesound Program records and film strips. To be offered for Auction in the General Sale on Wednesday 24th July 2019.

The Show’N Tell was a combination record player and filmstrip viewer for children.  Manufactured between 1964 and the mid to late 1970's by General Electric Company and then later by CBS Toys until the 1980's.

A 7-inch 33⅓rpm record was played on the record player that sat on top of the Show’N Tell player, while images from a strip of 16mm colour film in a rigid plastic holder were shown on the viewing screen at the front. There were 15 images in total on the filmstrip, and the programme lasted for around 4 minutes, with the images automatically advancing as the record played.

The record and filmstrip sets were called Picturesound programmes, and many different programmes were licensed for the Show’N Tell system. By 1965, 140 programmes were available.

Thursday 11 July 2019

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Thursday 4 July 2019

Patents from the Past

Two Victorian indentures in a box, impressed ‘Wm Smith E.E., Patent Office, 19 Salisbury St. Adelphi, London’.  One between William Vitruvius Greenwood and John Saxby of Brighton Engineers, 1830 for a patent for the invention for improvements in signal lamps, with original seal in tin box and a further indenture between William Vitruvius Greenwood and William Hudson, 1855 for transfer of the same.
To be sold Antiques and Interiors Sale 10th July.

John Saxby (1821-1913) was an engineer from Brighton who together with William Vitruvius Greenwood has been noted for their work in railway signalling and safety improvement.  They invented an improved signalling lamp, giving considerable benefits and savings on the lamps then in use and patented it in 1830.

Wednesday 3 July 2019

A British Classic

A Burns UK LJ 24, 1977 guitar, one of 25 made
Estimate £3,000 - £4,000
to be offered for Sale in the Antiques and Interiors Auction 
on the 10th of July

Born in County Durham, James Ormston Burns (1925-1998) learned to play the guitar in his teens.  At 18 he joined the RAF ground crew as a fitter which gave him experience with metalworking.  After leaving the RAF Jim Burns worked as a joiner during the day and in the evenings played a slide guitar appearing in an entertainment band until he set up his own business as a guitar builder from 1952.

He was an eccentric person whose forte was guitar design and technology rather than business and financial management and over the years he encountered difficulties with his business and at one stage sold the company to the Baldwin Piano and Organ Company with the condition that he must make no more guitars under his name for three years.

Jim Burns made a come back under his own name in May 1973 when he was employed by a Newcastle musical instrument retailer as designer and production controller for a new range of guitars marketed under the trademark of Burns UK Ltd.

A range of futuristic guitars more interested in terms of design than sound was launched including The Flyte, 1974-77, The Artist, 1976-1977, The Mirage Prototype, The Mirage, 1976-77, The LJ 24, 1977 and The Mark Griffiths Prototype, 1977.

The quality was high but uptake was slow and the guitars were not received with the enthusiasm expected.  The problem with the guitars with the exception of the LJ 24, was that the design was too futuristic for the average guitar and that the tonal range was very conventional and rather limited.  All fittings were of high quality and the play-ability was good but that was not enough to save the range and in 1977 the company folded due to poor management.

Although the LJ 24 was a budget model it had the best sound of all guitars in the Burns UK range between 1974-1977.

It is a short-scale guitar with 24-frets fingerboard, bolt on neck, economy type Schaller machineheads, unbound fingerboard, a simple three-saddle type bridge/tail piece unit and a simple nut/string guide, finished in red with maple fingerboard.  Only 25 were produced before the collapse of Burns UK in 1977.

Monday 1 July 2019

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