Tuesday 30 June 2020

Looking for affordable stamps? Look no further!

We have a plethora of First Class and Second Class stamps from a private collection for Auction on Wednesday 1st July.

Plain stamps, Presentation stamps, Smilers and so many more, you name it we have it.

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Stamps, Stamps, Stamps

Stamp Auction Wednesday 1st July at 10am!

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or view in person this afternoon until 6pm. 

Please call 0191 537 2630 and book an appointment.

Thursday 25 June 2020

Tuesday 23 June 2020

Auction Day Tomorrow !

We are full to attend the Auction in person however there are still plenty of ways to bid.

1. Leave a commission bid with us either over the phone, in person during the Viewing (commission bidding forms are  by the Office window) or through our website

2. Book a telephone line.  Phone bids are only accepted on lots estimated at over £100.

3. Bid online through the-saleroom.com - you would need to register first with the-saleroom, but it is straightforward and simple to do so - you can then watch and listen to the auction live and bid if you wish.  Bear in mind there is an extra 4.95% plus vat to pay with this method.

4. Leave an auto bid with the-saleroom.com (this is like leaving a bid on our website however there is the extra charge as above for using this service unlike our website where there is no extra cost)

Wednesday 17 June 2020

Eastern Promise

Lot 56.
A pair of Chinese Celadon porcelain table oil lamps, with brass mounts.  40cm high
Estimate £150 - £250
For Auction 24th June

On the Case

Lot 25.
A John Pound leather case and a travelling vanity case, with five silver top bottles
Estimate £60 - £100
24 June Auction

John Pound is the oldest luggage brand in the world. Beginning in London in 1823 making trunks and luggage for the gentry.  Sir John Pound was the son of the founder, taking over the business in the 1860s. By 1871 the company was one of the biggest of its kind in the UK, and still operates today.

Light in the Dark

Lot 36.  An Eccles Miner's lamp, Auction 24 June

All gone Pear shaped

Lot 73.
A Treen pear shaped tea caddy
Auction 24 June

The term Treen literally "of a tree" is a generic name for small handmade functional household objects made of wood.  Turning and carving were the key manufacturing techniques used before the advent of cheap industrialised metal ware.  The type of wood was important and treen items were often made of close grained native hard woods such as beech, sycamore and box.   

What is the Plan?

Lot 462
A G Plan teak circular coffee table, with inset glass top
Estimate £50 - £80
For Auction 24 June

British Design

Lot 457
Four ercol spindle back chairs
Estimate £20 - £40
For Auction 24 June 

Founded by Lucian R. Ercolani in 1920 in England, his goal was to make furniture that was well designed and made in a good working environment by craftsmen who took pride in their work.  After 100 years these values remain true today.

Its easy to register to BID at Boldon Auction Galleries

Cost £1 for the year (we accept cash for Registrations)

All we require are your Name, Address, Telephone number and Email.

Registration lasts for one year and runs January to December

You can register to bid during our Viewing times.

Do not panic if you do not have a number you can still leave a Commission bid and we will allocate you a number.

Happy Bidding at Boldon 😃

Calling all Bookworms

We have many lots of Books in next Wednesday's Auction.  

Here is a flavour:

Lot 213 Three boxes of books relating to TV and Cinema including; Titanic, Monty Python, Laurel and Hardy etc. 

Lot 196 Two boxes of books relating to Ballet

Lot 198 Box of Ballet books and a box of books relating to New York

Lot 210 Two boxes of books relating to Dance and Ballet

Lot 82 Quantity of leather bound books

Lot 85 Twenty nine volumes 'The Observer Book', various titles

Lot 208 Two boxes of books relating to Sunderland and the North East

and much more

Grace and Finesse

Lot 303
A travelling Harrods pocket barometer, three silver mounted and tortoiseshell dressing table bottles, two plated buckles etc. 
For Auction 24 June 2020

First Home?

Did you know Boldon Auction Galleries sell everything you need including occasionally the Kitchen sink!

From Fridges, Freezers, Televisions, Dining tables and chairs, Sofas, Coffee Tables, Mirrors, Wardrobes, Beds, Chests of Drawers, Garden Furniture, Garden Tools to Crockery, Kitchen equipment, pictures and so much more you can furnish your home for a fraction of the cost of buying new and with the added advantage of having money left in your pocket as well as feeling good because you are climate friendly too. 

Rapturous Raptor

Lot 385 24 June Auction 

David Morrison Reid Henry (1919-1977)
date 1968
26cm x 21cm
Estimate £400 - £600

Seeing Clearly

With an estimate of £30 - £50 this gorgeous yellow metal bracelet, set with graduated opaque stones is not only affordable but oozes elegance and style.

Lot 330, 24th June Auction 

Volcanic Lots

Lot 35
Two Poole Volcano vases
Auction 24 June 2020

Not Just Toys For Boys

We have several lots of toys for Auction on the 24th June 2020.  Here are a couple of examples.

Lot 307
Five boxed 'N' gauge Hornby Minitrix Steam Locomotives and three 'N' gauge kits
Estimate £20 - £40

Lot 289
An 'N' gauge Wren diesel Loco, 5 'N' gauge diesel Loco, a Graham Parish Loco, 4 Lima Locos, a Roco Loco and 2 'N' gauge Piko Locos (14)
Estimate £40 - £60

Who remembers the Children's Classic TV programme - The Wombles !?

as part of Lot 212a 
Box containing model cars, a Womble, Paddington Bear etc.

Here is Great Uncle Bulgaria Coburg!

Its Coming Home to Boldon Auctions

Lot 305
Collection of Football 'Cup Final' programmes, to include Charlton Athletic V Derby County 1946, Blackpool V Newcastle United 1951, Arsenal V Newcastle United 1952 etc.
Estimate £40 - £60
For Auction 24th June 2020

Scandi Style

Lot 534
An IB Kofod-Larsen for G-Plan long teak sideboard, circa 1960s, with two cupboard doors and five drawers, 235cm wide
Estimate £100 - £150
For Auction 24th June 2020