Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Class Glass

Lot 63, Lot 64 and Lot 74 are 19th century glass dumps.

Lot 63
A 19th century glass three tier flower dump
Estimate £20 - £40
Auction 24th June

Lot 64
A 19th century glass air bubble dump
Estimate £20 - £40
Auction 24th June

Paperweights and door stops are often referred to as 'Dumps' as they are said to have been created as a means to use up surplus molten glass at the end of a day's work which would have been disposed of and dumped. (The phrase 'End of Day' glass is also often used.)
Many were made from green bottle glass marked with the names of Yorkshire and North East bottle making companies from the early 19th Century, such as J. Tower and Redfearn Brothers. Glass dumps continued to be made until the 20th Century when bottle making became mechanised. 
Flowers are a common theme to be found containing a mixture of bubbles and powdered chalk which give them a slightly ethereal appearance as seen in Lot 63 and Lot 74.  Lot 64 is full of tear shaped bubbles which are easier to produce than the flowers.  Less common examples contain a sulphide figure made of china clay.

Lot 74
Three 19th century glass flower dumps
Estimate £30 - £50
Auction 24th June

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