Friday 22 April 2022

Magic Lantern Slides have comic touch

Lot 97.
For Auction 27th April

These terrific Magic Lantern slides date from the late 19th century and are hand coloured.

Nine long rectangular slides; wild animals, Noah's Ark, Gladiators, Crucifixion etc.

Four circular slides; 'Puss in Boots', 'Geology', 'Human Race' and 'Robinson Crusoe'

Box of twelve German slides to include Airships, Bi-Planes, Hot Air Balloons etc.

A boxed set of nine slides of the 'Solar System'

Seven circular slides 'Cinderella'

An unboxed set of eighteen slides of the 'Solar System'

Approximately 40 slides showing comical scenes

Approximately forty various slides 'Geographical', 'Vernacular', 'History' and 'Religion'

Magic Lanterns (Lanterna magica) were early image projectors from the 17th century onwards using pictures on transparent plates (usually glass) and a light source. From the 19th century these Magic Lanterns were mass produced as toys.  The Magic Lantern was superseded by the slide projector.  Originally the pictures were hand painted on glass slides with black paint used as a background to block superfluous light.  Many slides were finished with a layer of transparent lacquer and mounted in wood frames.  After 1820 hand coloured printed slides were produced moving on to photographic slides in 1850.

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