Friday 31 July 2020

Musical Instruments in August Auction

A C. Wheatstone 69 button (keys) concertina, serial number 23702, circa 1905-1910, with box bearing label 'C. Wheatstone & Co. Inventors, Patentees and Manufacturers of Concertinas and Aeolas, 15 West Street, Charing Cross Road, London, WC'

C. Wheatstone & Co. was founded in London in 1824 making Concertinas and Aoelas until 1974.  The company was taken over in 1975 by Steve Dickinson.

A concertina is a free-reed musical instrument consisting of expanding and contracting bellows, with buttons (or keys) on both ends.  The English version was invented by Charles Wheatstone in 1829.

C. Wheatstone & Co. premises 15 West Street, Charing Cross.  
The company moved here in 1905.

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