Wednesday 22 July 2020

Auction Day TODAY!

We are full to attend the Auction in person however there are still plenty of ways to bid.

1. Leave a commission bid with us either over the phone, in person during the Viewing (commission bidding forms are  by the Office window) or through our website

2. Book a telephone line.  Phone bids are only accepted on lots estimated at over £100.

3. Bid online through - you would need to register first with the-saleroom, but it is straightforward and simple to do so - you can then watch and listen to the auction live and bid if you wish.  Bear in mind there is an extra 4.95% plus vat to pay with this method.

4. Leave an auto bid with (this is like leaving a bid on our website however there is the extra charge as above for using this service unlike our website where there is no extra cost)

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