Thursday 2 July 2020

Elvis has entered the building !

No day is the same at Boldon Auction Galleries.  One lot which came in to the saleroom this week bringing a lot of laughter and possibly a hip swivel or two was this animatronic Elvis Presley bust, manufactured in 2007 by Wowee Limited.

Elvis can look you square in the eye, tilt his head and croon "Love Me Tender" through the speakers in his shoulders.  Created by George York, an inventor who used forensic reconstruction techniques to conjure up Elvis in his prime.  Elvis has nine motors under his skin for head movements and facial gestures, including four levers dedicated to the upper lip for that signature sneer.  With a microphone shaped remote you can choose songs, adjust the volume and toggle between singing and talking, you can even have a duet with The King himself.

For auction on Wednesday 8th July.  What are you waiting for?


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