Monday, 26 November 2018

An impressive pair of Siebe Gorman style, weighted diving boots
to be offered for auction in our Antique and Interiors Sale Wednesday 28th November

Worn with a full diving suit and diving equipment the diver's boots or shoes were created for two reasons. Firstly, the protection of the diver’s feet is a must, the boots protect the diver’s feet from injury. The second is to help overcome the positive buoyancy effect from the diver's suit. Weight is added to the boots helping to make the diver more stable underwater. Typically weighing around 35 pounds or 16 kilos in weight, the boots are made of leather or canvas uppers; making them generally renewable. The soles of the boots are cast in iron, brass or lead depending on the diver’s use. Lead is generally used on deck plates and smooth surfaces, whereas the brass is preferred for walking on mud and rough ground. The boots are fastened with the buckles facing outwards and the laces or lanyards secured around the upper parts of the ankles. If the boots have been incorrectly fitted, they could become loosened/stuck and be pulled from the diver’s feet; this could lead to the diver being blown up feet first to the surface, if negative buoyancy is lost. 

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