Thursday 28 September 2023

Derek English Contemporary Artwork

Derek English
Born in Jarrow, 1940.

English began his career completing an O Level in technical drawing and trained as an art teacher, where he first connected with the Op Art movement, precisely Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely, attracted by ‘the science of colour manipulation, it’s relationships and reactions’ (English).

As English’s career in teaching took priority, he later moved his focus to works portraying his love for landscapes, especially the mountains. Upon retirement, after a month long trek in Nepal, the Everest Range marked a milestone on his journey and his photographs and memories led a magnitude of inspiration for his MA in Fine Art.

English has always kept the same goal throughout, to have the observer respond and react to his work. There is depth to his life’s work, beyond the image lies more than meets the eye.

His work ranges from oil and watercolour paintings to prints, and we have a selection available to view online in our timed auction from the 27th September to the 11th October at 9am. To view in person we are open Saturday 7th October between 10 and 1, Monday 9th between 2 and 4, and Tuesday 10th between the times of 10-12 and 2-6.

Past exhibitions include Biscuit Factory, Newcastle, Pyramid Gallery, York, Montage Studio Gallery, Castleton, and galleries in Stokesley, Billingham, Derbyshire and Middlesborough.

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