Thursday 7 July 2022

Artisan Art Glass blows in to Boldon Auction Galleries

Lot 31.  A John Ditchfield Glasform ovoid shaped vase, number 23628?, 10cm height

Lot 32.  A John Ditchfield Glasform oblong vase, number 12026, 16cm width

Lot 33.  A John Ditchfield Glasform Beehive, with applied silver coloured bee, 8.5cm height

These three lots are for Auction on Wednesday 13th July from 10am.

History of John Ditchfield and Glasform Studio
John Ditchfield became interested in glass making after taking a holiday job at the Venetian Glass Company in 1968.  He worked with an Italian master glass blower Franco Toffolo for seven years where he learned both the basic and complicated techniques of Venetian glass blowing.

After traveling Europe developing and gaining new skills he returned to his home town of Blackpool in 1981 and opened a studio called Glasform.  For over 43 years John Ditchfield has continued to work with other artists and craftsmen exchanging and developing ideas.

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