Friday 11 February 2022

Head for Figures?

We have several lots of Bossons coming up in the 16th February Auction.

Here are a few of the lots.

Lot 6.
Four Bosson's figure heads (boxed)

Estimate £15 - £30

Lot 13.
Four Bosson's figure heads (boxed)
Estimate £15 - £30

Lot 41. A rare Bosson's Mexican, an Indian Chief and two Bosson's Carnival Joe and Annie (4)
Estimate £40 - £60

Did You Know?  Bossons is the name given to character wall masks, ornaments, figurines, lamp bases, wall clocks, animal studies and pottery figures produced by W. H. Bossons, Congleton between 1948 and 1996. When W.H.Bossons Senior died in 1951, his son Ray Bossons took over the company and in 1958 designed the first of the well known easily recognisable Character Wall Masks.  Ray Bossons was a perfectionist with an eye for anatomical detail and historical accuracy in his designs.  Each idea was extensively researched then sketched out and the original model would be moulded in clay and turned over to the team of painters to complete.  Bossons closed its doors in 1996 leaving behind a plethora of items behind.

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