Friday 28 May 2021

A perfect catch


We are getting all geared up for next weeks sale and look what we have found!!! This fantastic watercolour by local artist John Henry Mole. Born in Alnwick in 1814, John Henry Mole decided to put down the pen and pick up the paintbrush; leaving his job behind as a clerk in a solicitors office, Mole thankfully became a landscape artist. A wise choice we think! Look at how beautifully balanced his work of colour is in this piece ‘Gathering Bait’. The watercolour is dated 1867 and will be auctioned as lot 392 on Wednesday 2nd June. We would love to see where it ends up and how it ends up displayed... #JohnHenryMole #artist #boldonauctions #boldonauctiongallery #boldonauctiongalleries #boldonauctionsbestbits #art #gatheringbait

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