Friday 3 August 2018

Lot 16 Antique and Interiors Auction 
8th August

A Morris Ware S. Hancock and Sons jardinière by George Cartlidge with tube lined flora, printed marks, model number C50-11M

Estimate £100 - £150

Founded by Sampson Hancock, a prominent Wesleyan, in 1857 the company was renamed S. Hancock & Sons (Potters) Ltd in 1935. Dying on 9th May 1900, Sampson Hancock was succeeded in the business by his sons, Jabez, Harry and Arthur. Producing tablewares and fancies for the popular market the company’s main income was generated from semi-porcelain and earthenware tablewares, much of which were for export markets. After the first World War the company increased its production of ornamental and decorative ware, including dolls heads and in 1917 boxed tea sets for children, featuring popular nursery rhymes. Also producing a range of crested wares, the company marked these with the trade name the 'Duchess' china or the 'Corona' china and Grosvenor Ware. These pieces included animals, small decorative dishes and Great War commemoratives, or had English or Welsh crests. Crested ware appears to have been made until the 1920s.
The Morris Ware was one of the main decorative ranges produced by the company. This included many tube-lined patterns. The first designer of this type of ware was George Cartlidge, and this continued with other designers. 

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