Tuesday 16 March 2021

Glass of Rosé? Perfectly enjoyed in a kitchen full of retro English Rose


Picture this, a hard-working man home from work sat reading the paper and an apron cloaked housewife serving up his casserole in a beautiful, neatly kept kitchen filled with English Rose cabinets. 

Not the average modern fitted kitchen advert of today, but an absolute classic kitchen design of yesteryear. 

Designed by Speed Airscrews Industries in the late 1940’s, the English Rose metal cabinets have come in and out of fashion. Today, although cooking up a casserole is a gender-neutral event, the English Rose cabinets are definitely in fashion and a much sought-after modular kitchen.

Many companies now offer modern versions of the English Rose kitchens, but the costs can soar when you consider the appliances and workbenches to add in; who would want a modern kitchen bench when they have an English Rose masterpiece?

Fancy an English Rose kitchen and want to avoid the costs? Make a start here by purchasing this fantastic four door cabinet to be sold in our upcoming Antique, Interiors and General Sale on Wednesday 24th March. The cabinet does have some wear and dents so should make a fantastic start to a restoration project.

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