Wednesday 24 October 2018

Lustre ~ a gentle sheen or soft glow

Lot 90 Antique and Interiors Auction (31.10.18)

One pair from over 15 sets of Lustres we have for Auction from a single owner private collection.

During the Victorian period glass bowls or candlesticks were produced and sold in pairs with attached prismatic drops of crystal or glass.  Designed to sit on a mantle piece or sideboard the prisms would reflect the light in the room.  When the sunlight caught the glass it bounced off creating small reflections on the wall.  Lustres were mainly produced in England and Bohemia (present day Czech Republic) and come in a variety of colours from clear glass to cobalt blue, peach, yellow, pink, mint green and one of the most popular colours red.  Etched and painted decoration was also popular as you can see here with the addition of portraits and foliage painted in roundals.

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