Thursday, 12 July 2018

Lot 8 a Tunbridge ware marquetry and micro mosaic writing slope and glove case sold Antique and Interiors Sale 11th July 2018 for £400

Tunbridge ware is a form of decorative inlaid wood work that is synonymous with the spa town of Tunbridge Wells, Kent.  

Decoration consists of a mosaic of different coloured woods glued together then cut into thin slices of identical veneers.

The nineteenth century saw the hey-day for Tunbridge ware production with local woods such as maple, holly, oak and sycamore used along with imported woods such as mahogany and tulipwood.

Many different items of Tunbridge ware have been made including tea caddies, pincushions, ink stands, comb trays, sewing accessories, picture frames, bonnet stands and candle sticks, however the most usual object to be found is the humble box and as seen in Lot 8 we have a glove box and a writing box.  

Tunbridge Ware production went into decline in the 20th centruy and production ceased altogether in 1927.

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