Thursday, 7 December 2017

Birds of a feather ....................

These two fantastical birds (Lot 1 and Lot 2) come from the British studio pottery of the Martin Brothers - Robert Wallace, Walter Fraser, Edwin Bruce and Charles Douglas – who set up a pottery at Pomona House, Fulham, London, in 1873. Robert Wallace was the chief modeller and designer, previously working as a stone carver for Pugin on the new Parliament buildings, brought experience of carving gothic gargoyles and mysterious animals to the pottery.


Walter Fraser provided the technical expertise needed to realise his elder brother's designs, specialising in the coloured glazes, while Edwin did most of the throwing and decorating. Charles Douglas was the business manager in charge of running the shop and was known to hide the finest pieces away (sometimes under floorboards) for the best clients.
The Martin Brothers are considered to have been pioneers in transforming decorative arts from the stale formalism of the Victorian era to a more whimsical and naturalistic style that foreshadowed the Art Nouveau movement.


To be offered for Auction on the 13th December Antiques and Interiors Auction at 10am.

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