Friday 17 June 2016

These adorable gnomes go by the names Pit, Pat, Putzel, Wutzel, Fix and Tix

We are thrilled to be offering for Auction on 22nd June; a box of Heissner’s Garden-Ornaments in the form of six miniature gnomes.

The company began in 1872 in Germany by August Heissner who began producing products for human enjoyment and relaxation.

The six gnomes are in their original box, complete with a leaflet of four illustrated stories:  Gnome Folks at work, The Fish King’s gratitude, What the magic flower did for Jack and The big tennis ball.

“Combine in themselves originality, life-like modelling and finish and painstaking care to the smallest detail.  They are as hard as stone and their perfect imitation of nature in its drollest mood adds much to their irresistible charm.

Exclusively designed for the garden lover who insists on the picturesque, their perfect colouring and realistic effect will give to any garden that note of pleasurable satisfaction which brings true our childhood’s dreams of fairyland and its little folks.”

(Taken from the leaflet)

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