Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Our last sale was full of amazing items, on of our lots left our client gobsmacked! And incredibly happy
A Hipkins Patent Single lever corkscrew, stamped C.F Hipkins and son, LOT 188 sold in our 16th March Antique and Interiors sale for £1900.              
The company G F Hipkins became Hipkins and son about 1878.  By 1890 the company was managed by the founders widow. By 1901 William Hipkins had taken over the company and was the managing director until his death. Occupying two position, as MD at Hipkins and son and at W & T Avory. 
William Hipkins started his corkscrew manufacturing career as foreman in the Lund factory in London. Later he joining father’s business in Birmingham. In 1879 William Hipkins obtained a patent for a Lever rack design. A year later he was granted another patent.  He specialized in manufacturing patented corkscrews like the Whelan 1881 patent, the 1894 Maud’s patent and some Henshall straight pull corkscrews as well as steel eyebrow corkscrews. Hipkins was extremely appreciated developing the W & T A business as well as designing and manufacturing corkscrews

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