Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Gabrielle Designs Paddington Bear

Teddy bear enthusiasts and vintage toy collectors need to get ready for a lovely lot coming up for sale at Boldon Auction Galleries at our next General Sale.....................

...........a vintage Gabrielle Designs Paddington Bear complete with his luggage label from "Darkest Peru to London, England".

Gabrielle Designs was started in 1972 by TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson's mother and father from their home near Doncaster.  The first Paddington was made for Jeremy and his sister as a Christmas present. 

Shirley Clarkson stood her bears in small childrens' boots to help them stand up and this is how Paddington acquired his famous wellingtons.

Very early Paddingtons had stump legs with no shape for the foot while later bears had a more defined foot shape.  Similarly, early bears wore child's Dunlop wellies until demand grew so huge that Shirley Clarkson had to commission specially made boots with bear paw prints moulded into the sole.  Early bears also wore a range of coloured coats and hats until certain colour combinations proved most popular - such as red and blue or yellow and black.

Our bear appears to fall into the earlier production phase due to the colour of his clothing and his dunlop wellies, although he does have the slightly later style of foot. 

Similar bears are being sold online from £65-£100 so we'll keep our fingers crossed that our very own Paddington Bear will have a happy ending in a new home.

The next General Sale will be held on
Wednesday 17th November at 10am
Viewing on Saturday 13th November from 10am-1pm
and Tuesday 16th November from 2-6pm

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