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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Arts and Crafts therapy was undertaken by patients in the First World War who had been diagnosed with nervous conditions. These men were given simple, repetitive tasks such as basket weaving in the hope it would distract them from the strange and misunderstood symptoms of their condition. Commonly referred to at the time as “Shell Shock” (we now understand and recognise this illness as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) it is estimated that after the First World War ended approximately 80,000 British soldiers suffered from this psychological stress.
This basket bell is one such example of the type of therapy undertaken by one of the soldiers in Newcastle whilst recovering in hospital after the First World War.
To be offered for Auction 14th November.

A selection of 1930's Britains lead Miniature Garden accessories, including; crazing paving, sundial on pedestal, straight section flower beds, rockery straight section, stone walling, flower beds with grass borders, Conifers, Red Hot Pokers, Poppies, Daffodils and more.
To be offered for Auction on Wednesday 14th November (General Auction).

"In introducing their latest series to the public, Britains Limited feel that they are fulfilling a long-felt want, that of enabling the gardener, amateur or professional, to plan out his garden in thoroughly practical manner from the laying out of the beds, paths, crazy paving, arches, pergolas, etc., and last but not least filling it with a large variety of plants in full flower and in Nature's gorgeous colourings, arranging and rearranging his design in miniature until a satisfactory one has been achieved.
On the other hand, regarded purely as a toy, Britains Miniature Gardening has no equal, as the novelty of making a garden, the beautiful colourings, the realistic appearance, will hold children of all ages in keen enjoyment for hours on end, and the interchangeability of all parts which compose Britains Miniature Gardening has been given very careful consideration by the designers so that even with a small collection of pieces, very satisfactory results are possible.
Designs which may be made up from the various pieces are almost without limit and it is no exaggeration to say that whatever can be carried out in a full-size garden, can also be previously prepared in Britains Miniature gardening, and simplicity being the keynote of the whole, there are no difficult parts to fit together, no messy glue, nothing that even the smallest child cannot carry out and thoroughly enjoy."
— Britains Limited, Miniature Gardening catalogue ~1931

Thou shalt have a fishy on a little dishy ...........
This super shallow 19th Century dish decorated with three transfer printed fish was used for potted char, a popular delicacy from the 18th century onward. This fish, whose full name is the arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus), is related to the salmon, and in England is only found in deep land-locked lakes, notably Lake Windermere in Cumbria.
Early recorded recipes give instructions for long, slow cooking over several hours which suggests they would have been placed in a bread oven, taking advantage of the residual heat after baking. The finished dish called for copious amounts of clarified butter to form a preserving seal, in much the same way as potted shrimp.
The pot needed to be reliably stable and stackable so that it could be transported, hence it was made wide, shallow and flat-bottomed.
This delightful example will be offered for Auction on Wednesday 28th November (Antique and Interiors Sale)