Friday, 20 July 2018

A Wilesco D 365 "Old Smokey" steamroller to be sold in our
General Sale Wednesday 25th July

Wilhelm Schröder GmbH & Co. KG, better known by their trade name Wilesco, is a German toy company known for manufacturing live steam toys such as steamrollers, traction engines, and stationary steam engines. Wilesco Initially produced a range of aluminium forks and spoons, expanding to miniature aluminium accessories for doll's tea parties in the 1920s. The toys were also exported to the US, thus helping the company survive the economic crisis of the late 1920s and early 1930s. In 1950, Wilesco started manufacturing miniature steam engines. In 1966, the D 365 "Old Smokey" steamroller was introduced which has been popular among collectors and continues to be produced. The company also manufactures various accessories for their steam engines such as electrical generators, steam workshops and fairground rides. While most of their steam engine models are heated by esbit, electrical heating is also available. Steam-powered toy locomotives (G scale) were also available from Wilesco for a while. The company still manufactures a range of plastic and aluminium scoops and hooks, as well as steam toys.

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