Tuesday, 8 March 2016

"When the Devil was sick the Saint would be 
When the Devil got well Devil a Saint was he"

An extremely rare and beautiful example of a Royal Doulton character jug / toby mug Mephistopheles - The Devil.  Designed by Charles Noke and Harry Fenton and hand-painted in England. It numbers D5757 and was issued between 1937-1948. This very rare and highly sought after jug was one of the very few produced during WWII, at a time when the production of decorated China for the UK market was prohibited due to wartime restrictions.

Mephistopheles was the very first two faced character jug produced and remained so for fifty years! The Jug depicts both a happy and miserable faced Mephistopheles. Mephistopheles mood altered depending on his ability to make a deal for a soul or not. 

Mephistopheles is a demon he was first mentioned in German folklore back in the 16th century, best known in the Johann Von Goethe's drama "Faust" (1808). He was portrayed as an evil spirit or devil, making deals with Faust who sells his soul in return. 
The Mephistopheles jug stands approximately 5.5-6 inches tall, and is in good condition. The bottom of the jug bears the inscription "When the devil was sick the Saint would be When the devil got well devil a Saint was he"
Mephistopheles is listed on page 214 of A Century of Royal Doulton Character & Toby Jugs, and in The Royal Doulton Jugs Charlton Standard Catalogue 10th edition on page 265. Listed book value of $2500. 
The jug will be held for sale in our 16th March 2016 Antique and Interiors sale.

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