Monday, 18 November 2013

Charity Valuation Day a Success

Giles Hodges from Boldon Auction Galleries went along to a local charity in Sunderland last week to lend support for people with Niemann-Pick Disease. 

Niemann-Pick is a disease which finds sufferers having a build up of toxic materials in the body's cells caused by an enzyme deficiency.

There are three types of this disease:-
In Niemann-Pick Type A this accumulation occurs very quickly, an affected child will usually die before reaching three years of age.

Niemann-Pick Type B does not affect the brain and, although growth may be slow, those affected will survive into adolescence or early adulthood, with many being able to lead a full and normal life.
In Niemann-Pick Type C, the brain and other organs are affected, leading to progressive intellectual decline, loss of motor skills, seizures and dementia. Speech can become slurred and swallowing problems may develop. The rate at which the disease progresses varies greatly between patients; children who develop neurological symptoms in early childhood are thought to have a more aggressive form of the disease, others may remain symptom free for many years.

The Valuation Morning raised £70 for this very worthwhile cause.

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