Friday, 3 March 2017

This Poole pottery Freeform vase shape 685, YCB will be offered for Sale on Wednesday 8th March.

The vase with incurved top rim was designed by Claude Smale in 1950/1951.  This particular pattern was designed in 1953/1954 by Alfred Read. 

The name Freeform was given to these Scandinavian-influenced asymmetrical and elliptical shaped vases conceived in the early 1950's and produced from 1956.  The design policy at Poole during this time involved close co-operation between designer, thrower and artist. Painted designs by Alfred Read and Ruth Pavely were informal and well adapted to the irregular curved surfaces of the freeform range. 

The vases were very popular for flower arranging (which was a popular pastime) and in the words of Guy Sydenham, ‘we couldn’t make enough of them’

Guy Sydenham had joined Poole Pottery in 1931, completing a 7 year apprenticeship working alongside James Radley Young, John Adams and Truda Carter and finally left the pottery in 1977.  He was instrumental during this time in combining the traditional pieces required for mass production whilst creating more adventurous pieces of one off works of art.

 "People have to be led away from wanting what is traditional" [Guy Sydenham]

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