Friday, 12 February 2016

The month of Love 

As we approach that wonderful time of year again, 
Boldon Auction Galleries are thrilled to introduce to our next 
Antique and Interiors Auction on 17th February 2016
A collection of paintings to be sold on behalf of The Bede Gallery Jarrow.
We had such a fantastic response to the first half of the collection we are 
anticipating the next part will be just as exciting 

Glass from the past

Included in the sale will be this fantastic Stained glass window.
A large twelve piece stained glass window by Franz Mayer at Mayer and Company Munich; and a selection of other glass windows. Estimated to sell between £800 - £1200

 The Stained glass windows was originally used in the St Bede’s Convent Chapel, 
it was donated to Mother Superior Aloysius of the Sister’s of Mercy 
(Superior for 36 years) by the people of Sunderland.
On the closure of the St Bede’s Convent the glass was brought to 
Oaklea Convent on the corner of Thornhill Terrace, 
this however coincided with WW2 so the glass was hidden 
in the cellar behind false walls for protection.
The glass remained hidden in the cellar and forgotten until 1992 
when the community were preparing for their 150 years celebration 
to be held in 1993, only then did an old sister remember their whereabouts.
Some of the windows were then mounted on the staircase of Oaklea convent 
and some of the smaller pieces used in the new 
Chapel of St Anthony’s Girls Catholic Academy.
We have in the sale the windows that have not been reused.

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