Friday, 31 January 2014

Ultimate retro bed warmer for sale!

Interesting lot coming up for sale on Wednesday 5th February - the ultimate iconic retro bed warmer!!!

The Glow Baby was produced in the 1950's and made by Bradley & Burch Limited, London. Patent number 781007.

The Glow Baby was placed i
n the bed between the sheets, plugged in and left for 30 minutes to warm the bed or could be used for airing clothes, and, believe it or not, warming your overcoat before leaving the house.
(Please note that this lot is sold as a decorative item and is not to be used)

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Unknown said...

We had one when I was a small child. I can still remember the luxury of a warm bed! Probably a lethal contraption really, as no thermostat and it got very hot if you forgot about it. Interesting to know it's now a collector's item....