Monday, 12 September 2011

From the Borders to Boldon

Antiques Road Trip will be broadcast on Wednesday 14th September at 5.15pm on BBC2. (Series 3, Episode 3 of 30)

Anita Manning and Mark Stacey's antique hunt takes them from the Scottish borders to Boldon Auction Galleries in an episode that was filmed in the early Summer.

Antiques Road Trip pairs up some of Britain’s best loved antiques experts and sends them on a road trip across the UK in a selection of beautiful classic cars. Along the way, they compete with each other to make the most money buying and selling antiques, continually trading up so that they increase their profits each time they sell at auction. While searching for antiques to sell, they paint a picture of Britain as they travel through stunning landscape.

At the end of every week the expert who has traded up best and made the most money will be the winner. The final episode of the series sees all of the experts team up for the final auction where the ultimate series winner is decided.

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